Based on an adult manga by Taropun.

Which are some good short anime series?

This list will be long, since I will be putting a good number of well-crafted short series.
To keep my answer crisp and readable, I would be skipping details or be providing an ultra-short description of these anime.
If they pique your interest, you can check them out in the internet for the detailed plot.
However, I will be omitting those here for the obvious reasons.
So let’s get ready to rumbleee! (1) Death Note A timeless classic! Haters get hooked to anime after watching this one.
Who will ultimately uphold the justice? (2) Fullmetal Alchemist : Brotherhood (3) Steins;Gate What if you created a Time Machine, but the price you pay is the life of your beloved? Experience the cruel choice of Steins Gate, as all World Lines conspire to a singular result - an inevitable death of your most treasured one. (4) Kiseijuu : Sei no Kakuritsu (Parasyte : the Maxim) Beware humans as your sins will be judged here on earth. (5) Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) Humankind is on the verge of extinction - the enemy being carnivorous giants, nicknamed ‘Titans’. (6) Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins) (7) One Punch Man An epic parody, where one punch from a dude settles all fights, no matter how strong his opponents are.
But society’s response to this omnipotent being, is what enables this show to top the charts. (8) Akame Ga Kill The mercenary squad is here to protect the kingdom from injustice.
Hail ho, Night Raid! Warning : Keep a napkin close by.
You will be sweating a lot through your eyes, while watching it . (9) Tokyo Ghoul (10) Kuroko no Baskuke (Kuroko’s Basketball) A basketball anime that is irresistible once you start watching, owing to its intoxicating matches.
You will be pining for more, trust me.
:) (11) Ajin (12) Charlotte It began as a bore… it ended with a wound in my heart.
Give it a try, you will treasure it.
Superpowers with a fascinating twist. (12) Gangsta (13) Akatsuki no Yona The father of a carefree princess (the king) is murdered by the boy she loves beyond measure.
Aided by her bodyguard, she flees the palace after the grotesque nightmare.
She seeks the four dragon warriors to fight the new king and reclaim the throne. (14) One Outs If Death Note is what turns you on, don’t miss this one :) (15) Code Geass : Lelouch of the Rebellion A contender of Death Note with an Anti-hero as the Main Character.
Let’s see how ambitious you are! (16) Plastic Memories One of the most heart-warming series of all time. (17) Psycho Pass A Police series with a novel twist.
Can you evade the Sibyl System? (18) Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Don’t be fooled by its erotic title.
This anime is packed with some crazy Action sequences that will keep you wanting for more. (19) Re : Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Just endure it for the first 10 episodes.
After that, you can’t put it down. (20) Mirai Nikki How twisted and loathsome can love be? (21) Boku no Hero Academia A promising Shounen, that will be worth your time.
Plus Ultraaa! (22) Shimoneta : A Boring World where the Concept of Dirty Jokes doesn’t Exist Porn parody to keep you rolling with laughter.
Why so serious? (23) Prison School Sexual fantasy-cum-parody at its highest.
A pure masterpiece. (24) Ore Monogatari A charming and warming love story. (25) Death Parade How do you decide if a person deserves to commute to heaven or to hell? A twisted anime that compels one to rethink the choices we make in life. (26) Winter Sonata A sweet romantic anime based on a Korean drama of the same name.
Love shall find its way back. (27) Deadman Wonderland A sadistic anime where hardcore criminals are forced to participate in fatal games for the entertainment of the audience. (28) Strike the Blood An unconventional vampire anime with an engaging storyline. (29) K Project One of my faves - an anime highlighting the bond between clan members.
The death of a comrade shall be avenged.
No blood, no bone, no ash! (30) Nurarihyon no Mago The legendary yokai (demon) army will reclaim its supremacy under the leadership of young Nura.
Beware evil for your nemesis is born. (31) Baccano! Few humans have drunk the elixir of immortality, gifted by the Devil.
However, the secret to its creation is bestowed upon a chosen man.
Some greedy humans want to extort this secret through vile means.
A fragmented anime that kisses the zenith of excellence as it nears the end. (32) Beelzebub A hilarious series exploring the ordeals of a man as he nurtures the future Demon King.
Be proud if you are a delinquent! :) (33) Hellsing Ultimate The tale of an OP vampire who hunts down other denizens of the darkness. (34) Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai A simple slice-of-life anime with a decent story.
The ecchi humour and occasional twists make it quite endearing. (35) Erased Can a man hunt down the criminal who killed his mother, and redeem himself if he can time-leap to the past? Don’t miss this top-class anime. (36) Another A curse looms over the Ninth Grade Class 3 of Yokiyoma School.
Someone directly or indirectly associated with the class, dies mysteriously every month.
Can someone rescind the curse and protect the students? (37) Haikyuu!! Sports anime are usually pretty cool.
This volleyball anime doesn’t disappoint either. These are some short series anime that I found adorable.
Please note that these have not been listed in any definite order of preference; I just appended the new ones below the existing list.
Also, there are a lot of anime that I am yet to explore, and hence this list is nowhere close to its completion. I will add more as I watch other awesome anime in the future.
These are the short series ones.
There are some great long series anime that stand upto their reputation - Hunter X Hunter, One Piece, Naruto/ Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, Fairy Tail among many others. I hope you enjoy watching these recommendations.
Thanks for reading! :)