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What are some great anime romance shows?

I will go old-school on you, but give you some of the newer ones too. Pure romance: Kimi ni Todoke This has become by now a staple of any must-watch romance anime.
A shy, misunderstood girl gets a crush on the popular boy who was kind to her.
He's genuinely kind, which was a pleasant respite from bad boys.
Very slow romance, so be patient. Victorian Romance Emma Another slow-paced romance, but this time set in the Victorian era, just as the title suggests.
A love story between the heir of a rich family and a maid of unknown pedigree. Say I love you Slow-paced, but what I love most about the show is the main character, Mai.
She's a loner and for good reason.
She has the soundest thinking in a romantic anime that I ever saw.
Her judgement about the people around her is usually spot-on so she doesn't waste time with people who do not deserve it. Ah, My Goddess The main character was so unlucky in life, that he gets a wish granted by a Goddess.
Since he doesn't really believe it's true, he jokingly wishes for the beautiful Goddess Belldandy to stay with him forever. I recommend watching at least the OVA and the movie if not the TV-series. Midori no Hibi The guy is a delinquent and people are afraid of him just because he looks like one.
He wakes up one day to find that his right hand is now a ….
Yes, his right hand is a girl, get it!? The premise may sound weird, but it's a worthwhile watch. Karin She's a weird vampire who can't suck blood, in love with a guy who has a scary face and looks like a delinquent.
Add to the mix her eccentric family and comedy ensues. Mahoraba ~ Heartful Days The guy moves to an apartment complex full of strange characters, but none is as strange as the beautiful and kind manager who apparently has several different personalities of which even she doesn't know. B-Gata H Kei Yamada, the heroine is a bit different from your usual anime girl - she wants to lose her virginity so she can finally have all the lovers she wants.
To accomplish this she starts pursuing the most average boy in her class but ends up falling for him instead. Kamisama Kazoku He's the son of god, she's an angel assigned to watch over him and of course, they live and go to school in Japan.
An enjoyable watch. Peach Girl Momo is being shunned in school because people keep spreading rumours about her.
Only her childhood friend and eventually boyfriend, Kazuya stands by her.
What will happen when even he turns her back on her and the school's playboy starts showing an interest in her? Kamisama Kiss It's very shoujo, you have here almost any trope you can think of and you will probably enjoy it.
He's the reformed fox yokai, a familiar to the local land deity who disappeared some time ago.
She's the new land deity and now his master, whether he wants it or not. Otome Yokai Zakuro Half-yokai maidens fight with yokai to keep the city peaceful, they each get a supervisor from the police.
This does not even matter much to the plot, because the couples are just too delicious. Onegai Teacher This is a student/teacher love story, though the student is older than he looks since he was comatose for a few years.
And the teacher is an alien.
Lovely story, don't miss it. Onegai Twins A kind of sequel to Onegai Teacher, some characters from there appear and it's set in the same town. The main character was separated from his twin sister when he was a small child and he doesn't even know where she is or how she looks now, he only has a picture of himself as a toddler with two others.
Suddenly two girls, with the same rare eye colour as him and with the same picture appear, thinking they are his twin sister. Waiting in the Summer The spiritual sequel to Onegai Teacher The girl is an alien.
When landing, she accidentally injured the guy.
She managed to heal him but their lives are now intertwined forever.
A very sweet love story. Tsurezure (or Tsuredure) Children A bunch of fun love stories that take place in the same school.
There are happy-ending stories, there are stories where they were too late and love stories that go nowhere. Yamada-kun and the seven Witches The bad boy and the top good girl accidentally kiss and exchange bodies.
The girl took it more in stride than the guy.
There's a lot more going on, but I focused on the romance. A bit more serious romance: Paradise Kiss Main character is in a very prestigious school but studying is really hard for her, unlike for her genius little brother.
Due to a chance encounter she models for some fashion design students and her life changes. REC The girl is a seyu, he is a simple salaryman who got stood up by the girl he had a crush on in front of the teather.
The girl begs him not to throw the tickets away and they decide to see the movie together.
When he walks her home, they discover that there was a fire at her appartment building and she lost everything.
Being the kind guy that he is, he offers her a place to stay.
This is a bit more mature. Ristorante Paradiso This features a May-December relationship.
She came to find her mother at the Italian restaurant he works.
While not love at first sight, it's a nice romance and slice-of-life. Natsuyuki Rendezvous A younger guy falls in love with a widowed florist and gets a job working with her.
Also, for some reason he's the only one who can see the ghost of her dead husband.
Romancing her will be difficult. Ayashi no Ceres 16-year old Aya is suddenly being hunted by her family because she is the reincarnation of a vengeful tenyu that will bring ruin upon the family and its fortune.
One oddly-familiar looking man helps her escape and stay alive. Romance with comedic purpose: School Rumble A is in love with B who is in love with C, there's also B's friend who is in love with A.
It's a hilarious comedy where the guy keeps chasing the girl he's in love with and for whom he reformed, only to fail every time.
I think there are about 3 seasons, but will need to read the manga for the ending.
It's totally worth the watch though. Tenshi na Konamaiki This show has unusual visual style because they kept the mangaka's style, but I soon forgot all about it because it was hella funny.
The main character is the most feminine and beatiful girl of all.
There's only one problem - she was a boy once upon a time, up until an imp twisted his wish to become the manliest of all men.
Now she spends her days being a girl and hoping to find that imp and make him revert the wish.
There's also a delinquent that falls in love with her and pursues her relentlessly.