The other day, when I was reading an adult book, I thought, "I can tell whose breasts they are by just looking at them. Well, am I a king of oppai?" However, there was no way to prove it.... But one day, I receive a letter and it includes a bunch of free sex tickets! Also, the reverse side of each ticket has the photo of someone's breasts. When I'm confused, a girl, Nil, appears in front of me. According to her, I'm qualified to take part in a game. It seems the tickets aren't fake. My mission is to look for a girl who's got the same breasts printed on the ticket. Like this, my search for oppai begins....

Do you watch anime?

Yeah, I do watch anime.
That’s the first part. Now, reason Why? I would give you reason why i watch anime, first of all i am Indian so i write as an Indian Fan. Easy for me to watch in less amount of time i get more entertained,say if a episode of 23 min i reduce it 20 min by skipping OP and End.( 1 hour=3 episodes ) Not bad. Affordable though i do not support piracy, it is easy to watch anime online or to download it.Reason is because in India , animation and anime is not promoted by producers from Japan (the only legal source was Animax which was replaced by Sony Yeh.) Less data and space consumption.
Lets say 150 episodes 5–6 Gb storage space needed.
(Compare it western show 60 episodes 150 mb each it takes around 9–10 Gb) Much more entertainnomical.(Hell Yeah Oxford, will have a word from me!!!!) so in short prolonged entertainment in less consumption. Anime definitely better than this- (What message are you giving to youth or people by such shows- Bhai ladaai karo popular ho jaogey). 5.
Oh!!!!! i just forgot about some people in India who think anime is cartoon.
I do agree with them.
Both this- and this-(Death Note raises a moral question about What is justice? But never supports any of the narrative either of L or of Light.) are animation in fact but there is a word called excellence which separate from each other.( What are we trying to teach to children a Ladoo will make you a superman). Shows like Big Boss and Chhota Bheem get universal hate from Indian audience and from people who like good entertainment (GoT and Breaking Bad etc) so if you see them being every time on hate list of every person.
(Man You are 100% correct for hating them). My that was my reason why i watch anime but I would like to add few why i like it- Opens a door to other culture- it opened a door for me to a different culture, religion and a country. Something Different- i watch everything Hollywood, Western shows but anime is something different from main stream it gives me feel that i am bit more distinct than other people. Japanese language- due to anime i started liking Japanese language which i don’t consider foreign anymore because it’s now like third language which i can recognize just by hearing.
Though i can’t speak it. Japanese music- it is something i like a lot apart from Hindi and English, (can’t still forget Unravel from Tokyo Ghoul). Philosophy- (Just bragging a bit) but seriously due to anime i started observing things from a philosophical point of view anime has taught me a lot about life.
(Just watch Death Parade). It became bit easy for me to agree with the other side of argument- i saw a lot of fights in anime which took place due to many different reasons either because of race,religion etc.
or in just a simple relationship between people i started to agree with people on common grounds.
(Debates became Discussion now). I became Open minded- last but not the least i became much more mature and open minded now when i see things which are different or weird i accept and respect them,( everything has a right to exist no matter what it is) That’s the culture of my nation India which is present in anime. EDITS- Most funny part i just forgot to add- That creature from above pic is called House Fly or i would like to call Simar (from Sassuraal Simar kaa).
If you like to use an insect as star cast Please take inspiration from anime Terraformars-