A young group of friends meet up for the first time in a very long time after finishing high-school. One of them remembers how once ago a girl left him Daisies and a love letter inside his locker, back in the high-school days. He has three suspects of who this secret lover could be and so there is only one way to know... by having sex with all of them.

Who would you rate as the top ten hottest anime girls?

Pfff… I should admit this is one of the most difficult question i’ve ever encountered in my life.
But still I’ll give my best to give an appropriate answer. Hmm let’s see: 10-) Alice Nakiri - Shokugeki No Souma White hair: Check. Red eyes: Check. Arrogance: Check. A little bit devilness: Check. Cute voice: Check. What can a man want more? Bonus Point: Aloofness come with Chibby version: 9-)Echidona - Witch of Greed - Re: Zero Well this one is kinda a little bit spoiler but don’t worry it won’t effect your season 2 experience that much. And number 9 of our list is one of the “will be” main heroines of Re: Zero Season 2: Witch of Greed - Echidona… Even just her name reveals much about what kind of beauty she is.
Echidona… A perfect Belladona.. Damm! Dat side profile look… How a character can look to camera like that! Don’t deceive by looks at these pictures.
She is a pure soul in her heart actually. 8-) Mei Terumi - Naruto Shippuden Our 8th number in this list goes to our thicc and fluid like kage: Really this character had such a potential when I first saw her.
I really had high expectations from her.
But they just literally wasted her at show.
Such a shame she didn’t experience much more screen time… :( But of course it's natural though things like this because as we know there is no place for such a goddess like this at those gay romance shows like Naruto. At this single scene a man fell in love with a woman.
Specially after that wiping excess lava from her mouth… Oh my Lord, Give me strength for fighting with this seductive, curvy, sexy- evil incarnation of succubus. Her talents don’t end with just setting fire on men’s hearts.
She, at the same time can freeze the 'one' with just a single breath of her if you know what I mean.. 7-) Akeno Himejima - High School DxD I think that smile can tell much more than i can write here.. She is a demon. She is an angel. She is a miko. But most important She is our Akeno-senpai! Just one word to melt down your brain: “Ara ara…” (Of course with closed eyelids) 6-) Erza Scarlet - Fairy Tail Really, for redheads there is always a special place in my heart.
They are my biggest weakness.
Really, sole reason for placing Erza at number six is the low story factor of Fairy Tail.
If Erza were in another, better show with a more interesting background she probably would go up to top 3 easily.
Again such a shame all good redheads goes with bad shows… :( Well I'll admit medieval type armors definitely goes well with Erza but still I prefer her with more traditional oriental clothes, like these: Ahh there is not more beatiful hair colour than scarlet red in this entire universe… 5-) Yoruichi Shihouin - Bleach A not enough appreciated character again(or something like that.
Sorry for my english, i would be glad for all corrections, grammer and like..). I really liked Yoruichi’s unconcerned, easy-going persona and her relationship with Uruhara Kisuke.
And of course at the same time I envied that motherfucker Uruhara cause of his closeness to Yoruichi-san.
Fucking lucky bastard! God I love the women who has confidence.. And can fight..
And of course that brings us to..: 4-) Esdeath - Akame ga Kill The only Ice user who I can put above both fire and lighting users with contemp of my heart! Both Sadistic and Psychopath, Cute Goddess of Frost: Just how a bandana can suit perfectly to a person? I know there are a lot of people who don’t like Esdeath but come on..
Wouldn’t you want to be in that man’s place right now right here? No? Well I would give my arm for being at there roght now... 3-) Saeko Busujima - High School of the Dead I don’t want to talk about this girl.
I just want to her stab me from my heart with her katana, turn me to a zombie, put a collar on my neck and then take me with her to wherever she goes till forever like Michonne from Walking Dead did. For Saeko Busujima words are meanningless to describe here.
Only pictures can give us just a little a bit clue what kind of girl she is: Do i need to tell you more? 2-) Senjougahara Hitagi - Monogatari series Well to understand why this character at number 2 you have to watch Monogatari series.
I can’t make you understand at here. “Agette agette Koyo-koyo.
Choco wa mada mada aru no yo.” If you watched this scene you know what I’m talking about. She is even breaking 4th wall! What do you want more? ………… ANDDDDD The Number One of our list! Goddess of among all Godesses.
Cold, cruel, pragmatic, oppurtunist, ruthless, toughened up with hardships of warzone, disciplined, undisputed leader of Hotel Moscow: 1-Sofiya Pavlovena (a.k.a Balalaika) from Black Lagoon Ex captain of Vozdushno-Desantnye Vojska(air assault troops), also known as the VDV, paratrooper and a veteran of the Soviet war in Afghanistan.
She has no parents.
She was brought up by her grandfather, a general in the Red Army of the USSR.
A fine marksman and sniper, she received the nickname "Balalaika" (one of the Soviet army's slang terms for the Dragunov sniper-rifle). (cited from Balalaika) Cold Blue ruthless eyes, White-Yellowish long hair with a wide ponytail which extends till thighs, Battle scars which start from eyes and follows through neck, upper chest, breasts and finally end at legs, Talented, athletic, curvy body which can squeeze the life from you in just 5 seconds, A unrivaled talented sniper, That “fucking single mole” right under her left eye: GOD I don’t have smallest resistance to that… Firm stance which shows her authority over everything her surronding, An unyielding, unbending, unbroken iron will, (Just tell me you can subdue these eyes…just..tell..) A fearless apathetic look toward life and death, Undisputed loyalty from subordinates and towards subordinates, Toughness coming from deepest part of hell. She is Balalaika.
Only woman who worths unconditional loyalty, fidelity, devotion, worship.
Just one word from her mouth and I would even fight with a Vladimir Putin on fucking a bear. Oh GOD Is there a real version of her in this fucking world or another world anyone knows? I am ready to jump between parallel worlds and kill my own versions at them and replacing them for such a woman. Hmmm..
When looking at the list from a little bit afar It's seems a masochist screams and trying to reach surface from the depths of someone's mind isn't it?