A young group of friends meet up for the first time in a very long time after finishing high-school. One of them remembers how once ago a girl left him Daisies and a love letter inside his locker, back in the high-school days. He has three suspects of who this secret lover could be and so there is only one way to know... by having sex with all of them.

What is the best anime that has made you cry?

I don’t have the LARGEST anime-watched library in the world, so this might play into my answer, but I’ve only legitimately cried over one anime. Naruto. (I can feel my anime card being revoked already) *SPOILERS AHEAD* It was the end of the very first real “arc” of the show that got me in the feels.
Our main crew are fighting two extremely strong opponents (in this point of the series anyway). Zabuza, a ruthless high ranking ninja who attempted to assassinate the leader of his village, and is now a mercenary to gain the funds for a second attempt. And Haku, his protégé.
Haku has a special ability unique to his clan, which is part of the reason why he’s an exceptional ninja despite his age.
He’s actually very kind-hearted and doesn’t want to be a ninja, but does it for Zabuza, who gave him a reason to live after his family was killed over his special ability. The protagonists start to get the upper hand on these two, and Zabuza is about to get killed by his opponent.
Haku, wishing to be the perfect tool for Zabuza, throws himself in front of the attack, saving Zabuza’s life while sacrificing his own. You might be thinking this is what made me cry, but no. Zabuza doesn’t seem to care in the slightest that Haku is dead, and is even willing to slice through his corpse to kill his opponent. The fight continues briefly until Gatou, the man who hired Zabuza in the first place shows up. Gatou, this mafia boss/corporate douchebag, shows up with a group of about 100 dudes to stop a bridge that would boost a small village’s economy from being built.
This is why he originally hired Zabuza, but Gato figured killing Zabuza and everyone else while they’re tired from fighting would be a cheaper alternative.(There aren’t many villains in Naruto that are pure dicks, but this is one of them.) Gatou then goes on to attack Haku’s corpse because of a previous altercation between the two, where Haku protected an injured Zabuza from him. Naruto, the main character, sees this and is enraged, not only by this, but by how Zabuza doesn’t even care. Naruto then gives a long speech about how Haku lived for Zabuza, never having any dreams of his own, sacrificing his own morals for Zabuza’s agenda, stopping at nothing to make sure Zabuza’s content. And Zabuza’s response? “Your words cut deep, deeper than any blade.” Zabuza realizes that he truly did love Haku, and is filled with remorse, over how he treated him and his death. Zabuza then goes on a badass murder spree using only a knife BEING HELD IN HIS MOUTH to kill Gatou. He then tries to make his way back to Haku, with half a dozen or so blades sticking out of him.
He eventually falls down, having to ask his previous opponent to carry him to Haku’s body. As they lay side by side, Zabuza reaches for Haku’s face and says This emotionally charged scene of Zabuza’s transformation, in combination with the beautiful music score and my young age filled with sentimentality, caused me to bawl my 12 year old eyeballs out. While I’ve seen some sad stuff in anime since then, nothing else has caused me to shed any actual tears like this scene did. R.I.P.
Zabuza and Haku.