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What are the cutest cartoon or anime characters?

Will nobody mention the Pichu Brothers? Man they are the definition of cuteness.
Some people might not recognize the Pichu brothers since they only appear in Pokemon shorts,specials,OVA.
These two are my top cutest things in the Pokemon verse ever.
Some might disagree but hey it’s and opinion and a feeling of awww. Just look at these two, so free and taking risk wherever they are.
I just wanna be them.
Upx2 you go Pichu. Trying to cause more trouble again? Please Pichu stop. Older Pichu can sometimes be overprotective. And sometimes insults you in the cutest way as possible. Sometimes Playful and a bit Meany. After several years and deciding to rewatch their adventures, I almost cried to the part when their home got nearly destroyed Pichu crying and shouted for help from the gang.
Good thing they have friends that they could count on. Helping Pikachu make his way to Ash in time after the trouble they caused him. Here they are trying to get home after all of the trouble they have caused. And finally getting home. If ever they were real, I would definitely get two Pichus and just watch them interact with each other.
I wouldn’t want to let them evolve though, Pikachu is okay but Pichu is cuter.
These Pichu Brothers hold a special spot in my heart and soul.
Hope the best for the two of them. Till next time on The Pichu Brothers and the gang’s Adventures! [This Japanese Artist Draws Pokémon As Real Animals | Bored Panda]