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What are the best anime OP/ED songs?

I haven’t watched a lot of ANIME, but still these are my top 10 picks (with some honourable mentions :p). 10.
XY&Z by Rica Matsumoto (Pokemon XY&Z OP): I was always getting goose bumps, when it was played during that EPIC transformation.
Yes, that Ash’s GreyNinja.
Simply explains the bonding between them.
It’s English version is completely different and good too. 9.
What’s Up People (Death Note OP2): I know it’s a bit ( ; p ) metallic song, and some people might prefer the first opening.
But it will do what its BAND name suggests: “Maximum The Hormones”. 8.
Colors by FLOW (Code Geass OP1): It’s a catchy tune and perfectly portays all the complex emotions of this popular anime.
Lelouch vi Britannia commands you to watch the original one by FLOW. 7.
Zen Zen Zense “Past, Past, Life” by Radwimps (Your Name): Now, firstly if you haven’t watched this movie.
I seriously suggest you to leave everything aside (I meant facebook and maybe Quora too (Yep, it’s that good)) and watch it.
The song is really touching. 6.
Tank by Seatbelts (Cowboy Bebop OP): 3… 2… 1… LETS JAM.
It’s a jazz tune which is iconic and as good as the Anime. 5.
Haruka by Lacco Tower (Dragon Ball Super ED9): I personally feel it’s biased.
You can take into account these too: Limit Breaker x Survivor (DBS OP2) and Lagrima (DBS ED11). 4.
My Soul, My Beats by Lia (Angel Beats OP): Enjoy this song of amazing refrain to help you remember all the hilarious and sad momets of this anime.
(SPOILER ALERT!! Don’t try to understand the lyrics, it’s a complete story of Kanade). I must tell you deciding the top 3 was really difficult.
These all deserves to be number one. 3.
Gurren no Yumiya by Linked Horizon (Attack on Titans OP1): The song perfectly summaries the deep emotions and horror you feel in the song.
Its literally the best opening song ever.
Enjoy the catchy tune!! 2.
Unravel by Toru Kitajima (Tokyo Ghoul OP1): The song hits you hard.
Its slow beginning picks up the beat throughout the opening, similar to the sound of the heart, beating faster and faster.
The English version by Kyoumi is good too. Honorable Mentions: Sparkle by Radwimps (Your Name) Beautiful Cruel World by Yoshiki Edogawa (Attack on Titans ED1) Kussou Mesorogiwi by Yousei Teikoku (The Future Diary OP) Let It Out by Fukuhara Miho(Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood ED2) Brave Song by (Angel Beats ED1) Liar Mask by Rika Mayama (Akame Ga Kill OP2) . . . . You Knew this was Coming. . . . 1.Again by YUI (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood OP1): This song clearly shows the pain Elric brothers were going through.
The rap was really amazing.
I must say this one steals the spot of number one. Thanks for reading!! Don’t forget to upvote if you liked it.