Just one pill and you can't stop!! It's a drug that helps people realize their true love. This aphrodisiac unites a "beauty beyond reach" with her childhood friend, and passionate sex ensues! Mukaiyama Hajime falls hopelessly in love with the student rumored to be the most beautiful in school, Saginomiya Megumi. He plans to confess his love to her but worries that she's out of his league. He asks his friend Misa for advice.

Which is better: reading manga or watching anime?

I will list out the advantages to both the formats.
Make your choice accordingly :) Side note :- This is how I feel about manga and anime.
Open to review. Manga :- Artwork Good art is always appreciated and requires dedication to complete.
The little details taken care of from a strand of hair to the detailing on costumes really makes flipping through pages worth it. Story The story in the manga remains clear and crisp, there are no fillers in manga so if you read the story in the correct order you are not going to miss out on details or any important event. Less time Reading manga really takes less time.
Oh wait, actually it depends but if dedicated to reading it, you are bound to complete the story quicker. Up-to date Chapters in the manga are released first, so you can check it out and what follows, in a matter of minutes after the original copy is released. More accurate The history described and the character development ( I believe) is done better in the manga.
There is no over looking in the characters and the details are provided as and when required and not skipped over. Anime :- Animation Things flow in a really good animated scene.
You understand how one scene can really make a difference.
A good scene is like a river, one thing leads to another and the transformation is so smooth that you are bound to be awestruck. Feel of the situation With one scene after another, the feel of the fight, or any battle, any conversation, even the environment in which the character is present is better described.
You get the better understanding of how the idea plays out in front of the character. Right soundtrack Ah! Something that the manga cannot adapt or can it? Best scenes in the anime are filled with some really moving soundtracks, whether it is a character’s entry or the scene set or a fight. Correct music really sets the tone for any scene. (I believe, a good soundtrack even makes the worse of the scene, pretty good!) AMV and ASMV YouTube is filled with these and man, some of them are awesome! The use of correct monologues and dialogues with the right blend of music, is just worth to watch. Learning a few words ‘Arigato’ , ‘naruhodo’ , ‘ikadakimasu’ If these words haven’t crept up your vocabulary, you haven’t really watched the anime well. You tend to learn certain words and really makes you more interested in the language as a whole.
In fact, the grammar is pretty interesting! Personal Experience :- I finished Naruto ( and Shippuden ) by reading the manga, because I had less time.
In fact I finished the whole series in about 10 days or even fewer.
The point is, Time being a major factor in my decision, I decided to go with the manga. But I recently watched the Anime as well and some of it is really worth watching in the anime! You just cannot miss it. You understand what is happening in the scene by reading the manga first but when you actually look at the animation, you feel what the character feels. P.s :- If you have enough determination, Read the manga first and then jump to anime. Thanks for reading.