Atsuko and Sayaka think they have it made when they are both accepted into the same prestigious women's academy. There, they will be free to explore the intense passion of their relationship, unbounded.

What are some good anime/manga that you have seen?

Stein's gate - a contemporary sci-fi anime about time travel that combines comedy, thrill, suspense and romance in addition to having quirky characters.
Stein's gate 0 which is a sequel (not exactly) is currently airing. Code Geass - an anime about war, revenge, love and tragedy.
While most animes focuses on battles with muscle and weapons, code Geass focuses on battles using the genius mind of the protagonist that ends with an unexpected twist…which makes for a grand ending.
A great drama in a world stage.
Code Geass R3 which is a sequel of the series is scheduled to show this year. Death note: another example of an anime/manga where there is a battle of minds, but here the protagonist has a rival antagonist.
Death note is a thriller that will leave you at the edge of your seat for most of it or a compelling read if you are reading the manga. Monster: a thriller and psychological horror anime that revolves around realistic events.
If you are into seinen with a serious storyline, you will enjoy this one. Full metal alchemist: This Story takes place in a fantasy world where alchemy is science.
If you like shonen, this is for you.
The manga is one of best sellers out there.
The full metal alchemist franchise has the manga, two anime series that adapt the manga, two animated movies and a live action movie. Claymore The only anime i saw so far where all the main characters are females.
The story takes place in a historic fantasy world.
There is little to no romance yet it left me very emotional.
Having discovered only a third of the story was animated (with a false ending) i read the manga (my first manga) which was even better. Elfen lied An anime that left me experiencing all emotions in 13 epsiodes with an even better manga.
This has the most blood, Gore and violence of any anime/manga i have touched, so you've been warned.
The story hits hard having us question human values. Berserk This is a dark fantasy story that takes place in medieval Europe with a lone mercenary as protagonist.
The manga started off at 1989 and is still ongoing with 38 volumes made upto now.
I would recommend the manga or first anime first and then if you like it watch the second anime adaptation which isn't that good owing to unnatural looking 3D animation. Great teacher onizuka This got me into the comedy genre of manga/anime.
Watch/read an ex - delinquent gang leader and academic failure become a great teacher like no other. Hajime no Ippo Ever heard of someone get into a sport through anime? Well here I am.
I was never into boxing and knew nothing about it but this masterpiece got me into it, even on technical terms.
Hajime no Ippo is also one of the best motivational animes out there.
The manga has 3 sequential anime adaptations so far and a few movies.
There is also good character development for the main characters, not just the protagonist. Mirai Nikki Watch a no life loner kid's life change as he is chosen for a survival game in which the participants must kill each other with diaries that can predict the future in different ways becoming their guide to survival.
The story has our views change about the characters, sometimes with a twist as we get to know them more. Gantz The best work in survival - action genre I've seen.
The manga ran for 13 years with 37 volumes.
The anime was done mostly for promotion of the manga and ended with a false , tragic ending with much to be desired.
The manga also ended with much to be desired (still much better than the anime) but that's because the story created such high expectations as I read it. Naruto and Naruto Shippuden A brilliant manga and it's anime plagued by fillers and attempts to make it bigger and thus bittering it's goodness.
The story is about friendship, love, war, perseverance and never giving up.
It tries to uphold that idealism is not bound to be doomed if we are strong willed and understand one another.
It's full of battles with creative strategies and real time tactics put into play and many many characters and great character development for a great many.