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What is a good anime I can show my parents?

I will name my top recommendation first! Which is : Snow White with the Red Hair One of the best Romance anime’s to date, with no stupid cliche tropes.
It is a classic in my eyes even if it is true! You feel the characters fall slowly in love with each other as well as the tension that royal politics bring to a relationship.
This is a great anime with 2 seasons! I highly recommend it. However, a movie would do if they are old! It is short with a definite ending which creates closure.
You can search the plot yourself! Link will be given. Movies from Studio Ghibli is a great choice ! Such as : Spirited Away Yes! It is a weird movie with some weird aspects in it! But it is full of great morals and characters. My Neighbor Totoro Another amazing story from Ghibli! Howl's Moving Castle Another great edition to Ghibli, as it is filled with great character development and characters.
Might be on the weird side for some.
So take care. There are way more which you could go search yourself, as only you would know what is best for your parents. These three movies are not from Ghibli but are just as great. Wolf Children Great story filled with heart break and love! A must watch! Sword of the Stranger This movie is filled with action, so be warned, however the dub is extrodinary. The Boy and the Beast Not as much action as you would think! The character development is great as well as the message of the story.
However there is a scene, I think that “Furries” love, so take care. But if you are searching an anime series then these would be a great choice. Bunny Drop - Usagi Drop A guy adopts a 6 year old girl! And while this is a very big underrated anime! It still has an amazing story and message. Your Lie in April - Shigatsu wa kimi no uso A great anime! No, really! A great anime! This is another anime I highly recommend as it is filled with classical music, which any parent old or not would love.
The characters are likable, and it has some real issues in it that any adult would understand. Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakurits - Parasyte Yes! This is a bloody anime! Yes, this one should not be on this list.
However, it still has an intriguing plot with one of the best Character development in Anime history.
But if the blood is too gruesome, then don’t bother. Attack on Titan The only reason this anime is here as it got my anime hating older brother to love anime.
Or rather just watch this anime and still go on to judge me.
But look at the bright side! He finally watched it, and loved it.
But yet again, very gruesome. These are just a few that you can look at that may be op interest.
Angel Beats might be a good choice but the story may be off putting.
Sword Art Online might be too young for them while Kuroko’s Basketball might have some ridiculing aspects for them. Clannad is a good choice however is rather outdated.
Your lie in April might be a better choice. Fullmetal is also a good choice as it has everything that you need to make an anime great.
However there are a few scenes that they might not enjoy. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Angel Beats! Sword Art Online Kuroko's Basketball Clannad This article might also help! Top 5 AnimeLab Shows To Watch With Your Parents