Description: Mao, the mother of the cute, erotic high schooler Yui, and aunt of the slutty looking high schooler Shiori, is putting her best towards her job as an insurance salesperson. However, something has been weighing on her mind recently... She is extremely worried about her brother Yoshihiro, a manager at a convenience store, whom she dotes on. One day, she finally decides to visit him at work, where she sees him and the two high schoolers locking up shop and getting ready to go home. Although her gaze was stern, she wasn't worried about the high school girls at all- in fact, her mind was only on yoshihiro.

What are some of the common misconceptions about Japan that are being frequently shown in anime?

I lived in japan for several years.
Worked in a high school and a regular company. 1:school uniforms.
Girls don't wear sailor fuku generally. Well.
In high schools anyway.
Very very few high schools have a sailor fuku uniform these days.
It is regarded as very childish and old fashioned.
It is the standard for middle schools. Bloomers too were thankfully fazed out 15 years ago or so. Guys however often do still wear the traditional black military like uniform 2: students having adventures. Duh.
Of course most of that is fiction. But even pretty mediocre adventures don't happen to most hs students.
School life in japan is based around exams, studying for exams, worrying about exams, going to cram school, etc.... Lots of salary men look back on it with rose tinted glasses for those few nice days like school festivals but generally school life is based heavily around studying. And where they're not studying there are clubs.
Clubs are practically a job unto the self.
They are taken very seriously.
Kids practice trombone or baseball or whatever for 2-3 hours a day 4 days a week.
Often on weekends too. Even if a Japanese school kid did have magical powers to fight daemons they wouldn't have the time. 3: cars.
You don't see many cars in anime.
Lots of lovely pedestrian streets.
But the real japan is car crazy.
The country is designed around the idea you will use a car to go even five minutes down the road. This has proved to be as stupid an idea as it sounds and destroyed city centres. 4; nature.
Japan, despite Shinto, isn't very good at caring for nature.
They have made it their mission to cover every mountain and river with concrete- and I'm not even half joking there, it is tough to find a river that isn't concrete lined. 5: drinking.
The infamous salaryman drinking every night is a myth.
Work parties do happen, but not so much more often than in the west.
And they are quite formal affairs. 6: foreigners.
Even in pretty small cities it is not too uncommon to run into a foreigner.
After two years living elsewhere in japan tokyo felt practically like the US to me.
It is so full of americans, they're everywhere.
Other foreigners can also easily be found. 7: ninjas.
I never saw one.
Sadly. 8: onsen.
They are pretty common and they are awesome but they're not so popular worth young people.
They're usually full of older people, maybe with a young kid in tow. 9: looks.
Big boobs and pink hair are rare.
Though brown hair is very common, a huge chunk of young women dye their hair.
Quite a few people have naturally lighter hair too.
A friend of mine always used to get in trouble at school for dying her hair though it is naturally brown. 10: vertical space.
Japanese apartments aren't that small in terms of floor space.
Much better than London for instance.
Ceilings and particularly doorways are quite universally low however.
Often on anime you see characters stretching upwards- not a chance if you're over 170cm or so.

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