Due to his grandmother's death, the protagonist is all alone in this world. The daughter of a wealthy family, a girl his age who is also an administrator at an all-girls school, offers him a helping hand and a fresh start. With nowhere else to go, he dons a girl's uniform and begins living in the girls' dorm. But the ladies he's living with are all a little off.

Who is the most annoying anime character?

I am going to write this in a slight funny tone.
Firstly Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki (TV) Yuki, Yuki, Yuki and YUKI x100.
I think this is more than enough to justify annoyance. 2.
Mamoru Itou from Shinsekai yori Literally, the only character does nothing but complains in the anime ‘I am scared as shit!’ ‘What the hell is going on”.
And *Spoilers stole one of the best girl Maria and died! Seriously though, Shinsekai yori is one of the best anime that I would recommend all to watch.
Ships does not matter in that show.
In the grand scheme of things, what the author tries to convey, ship is meaningless.
Go and watch the anime now. #more spoilers Yes I know I get it, his character does actually have a purpose in the show.
He is meant to represent those that are very weak mentally/physically in the society.
In the anime, the ethic community attempts to hunt down those that are weak which may create potential problem.
Yes dystopian world just like Nazi.
Come to think of it.
I find the world of Shinsekai yori is very similar to the Nazi state and Squealor portray one of communism.
Oh well that’s for another time.
Too bad I got all serious again.
See if I can keep a lighter tone on the next one. 3.Subaru Natsuki from Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu He was very annoying in the first few arcs especially.
I glad there has been some very good character development later in the anime.
He didn’t confront his own issues, namely pride.
He always says he loves Emilla but no action.
And this guy annoyingly rejected #the best girl in anime history Rem!!?!! How could you.
But then again, he is relateable because guess what? He is just an ordinary guy just like us.
In a way, we all commit some of these sins.
It’s part of our human nature.
Plot twist, maybe that’s why we, in reality, shout at each other sometimes, do not get along in world politics.
Hence, we are annoying at times too? ok.
I better stop writing here.