Kousuke is a high school student with a big taste for the fairer sex. Not only that, he has a way with words that makes people help themselves. With a childhood crush and abusive teachers the hilarity starts.

What are your favorite animals?

CATS…! I absolutely adore the Felidae family. My adoration ranges from the simple house-cat to the ‘Big Fellas’ in the wild. Cats are so very therapeutic & angelic; mysterious & cunning; all at the same time. If only kittens never had to grow up; or any other cute critter for that matter! *sigh* The previous kitten I owned was deaf from birth.
It didn't occur to me until she grew older & wouldn't respond to my voice or commands.
Her disability made her ‘uber-sensitive’ to touch & movement.
She used to tangle between her own legs & her balance was thus shaky. We used to play with Lion & Tiger cubs at an enclosed farm, in the past.
It was an amazing experience that taught us skills & techniques on how to rear the cubs without harming oneself, & how to take charge without being too authoritarian or permissive. Cubs are highly intelligent & they can detect your weak points.
They love playing games that stimulate their hunting abilites, such as hide & seek—that's when the territorial instincts kick in. The male cubs would practice their roars— which would soon be heard over a radius of up to 5 miles, when the cubs matured into adulthood. I fell in love with the cubs & as they grew older, they would want to “leap” on top of me in a playful manner, not realising that they could rip my skin right off!!! That's when I'd back off. On the other hand, cats unlike dogs, can be disloyal & deceptive.
A full grown lion can never be trusted completely, even in the company of their lifelong caretakers. You never know what annoys them when… Tigers are 60% tame-able; so the risk lies in the remaining 40%; whilst Lions are 80% tame-able. These animals are very possessive & often tend to lose their cool when challenged. Cat lovers take that risk either way~ The wild cat that is most tame-able is a cheetah— with a 90% chance of domestication.
They tend to be very protective over their owners & possess a calm temperament in general. Dogs are placed with cheetahs in captivity to help keep them calm. The Ancient Egyptians used tamed and trained cheetahs for hunting.
This tradition was passed on and kept alive until the 20th century by Indian kings. Those cute lil’ fur balls. If you ever happen to be chased by a wild cat, specifically a lion (which is btw, a very common occurance amongst tourists in Africa), I advise as follows: Don't run, because you have no chance against an animal with an acceleration faster than most cars {from 0 to 60 miles (96 kilometers) an hour in only three seconds—specifically cheetahs} Don't hide because that's a cat's favourite domain. Don't challenge them because cats love to fight.
Lions will deliver “mock charges” to scare you. Play dead.
It's your best bet because cats are choosy eaters who enjoy live bait ;) (Ignore point number 4 because that'd be giving up too early & hey, human flesh isnt readily available!) Shout as loudly as possible and raise your hands in the air.
Truly yell from the depths of your soul until the beast backs away. Retreat.
Don't look back and don't run, as yet. If all else fails, point number 4 is your best bet.
~.~ Caution is Key.