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Who is your favorite anime villain?

Hello strangers, now right off the bat I want to get something straight.
I don't think these are the best villains, they're just my favorites.
When I say top 10, I mean it's my top 10.
Also just so you know, just because one character is higher than another doesn't mean I like that anime more.
I have high respect for all of these characters and animes so let's not bring hate here.
So let's get to it. 10.
Frieza - Dragonball Z What I like: He's a tyrant with no mercy.
Also he killed Krillin and that made me laugh. 9.
Chrollo - Hunter x Hunter 2011 What I like: He fought off Silva and Zeno from the Zoldyck family.
He's also extremely calm, smart, and a bit sneaky.
If only the other members had listened to him the Phantom Troupe would still be around. 8.
Kimblee - FMA Brotherhood What I like: He works with the Homunculi that are trying to sacrifice Amestris, just because he's curious how the world will turn out. 7.
Sosuke Aizen - Bleach What I like: This guy is like the strategist of anime.
Anything that you thought of, he's just been waiting for you to make that move for a while.
He's pure evil and if you don't like him, then you haven't seen Bleach. 6.
Madara Uchiha - Naruto What I like: He fought off an entire war by himself.
I also like the whole Infinite Tsukuyomi idea he had.
What really makes him such a good villain though is that he thinks he is doing the right thing, he thinks he's creating peace. 5.
Crocodile - One Piece What I like: He's a badass who should have more screen time.
He's extremely cocky, seeing as he challenged Doflamingo.
Although he held his own and that makes him all the better.
He was constantly insulting Luffy during their fights saying he was inferior, which was true.
Although I was loving the trash talk.
Luffy only survived through MC power. 4.
Medusa - Soul Eater What I like: You can't help but love the way she way manipulating everything for a while.
If you haven't read the manga don't read on.
I'm serious now stop reading.
Alright, I hate Crona for what he/she did.
There, I said it.
Medusa is my 2nd favorite character in the manga and she never did anything wrong to Crona lol.
Just so you know, my 1st is Death the Kid. 3.
Esdeath - Akame ga Kill What I like: She is a complete sadist.
Her hobbies include torture, killing, and...oh yeah Tatsumi.
One second she'll be a crazy villain, but the next she'll be blushing over Tatsumi and it's cute and funny at the same time.
Although now that she knows Tatsumi is in Night Raid I suppose that won't ever be happening again, it sure was funny.
Although we can hope. 2.
Judal - Magi What I like: Judal will make you laugh no matter who you are.
I love how he brought Hakuryuu to the dark side.
Yes...yes I did just say that.
He's always trying to start fights, or even a war.
I can't lie, I wanted Judal and Hakuryuu to win that 2v2.
I also loved that 2v1 when they were fighting Arba. 1.
Zeref - Fairy Tail What I like: Zeref has 2 sides to him and both of them are great.
Zeref is a really unique interesting character imo.
He's a good guy deep down, but because of the curse he struggles with himself.
I'm the kinda guy that wants to see Fairy Tail end with Zeref killing everything and everyone.