Kareki Tsunetaka is a veteran home security officer with 20 long years of continuous experience. He's successfully extorted the weaknesses of Katsuragi Shouko, the woman who Tsunetaka's father remarried, and her two children from her previous marriage – Sayaka, the older sister, and Yuki, the younger sister.

What is the name of this anime?

Bros!!! I think I have found the answer with the help of my pals on Facebook.
Is it s-CRY-ed? EDIT: Alright mates so umm…..the freaking Quora bots think my answer is too underdeveloped and umm…..I will now talk about anime. RinHaru is bae. I ship Sangwoo and Yoonbum. Yato is daddy. I’d smash any girl from Highschool DxD. Azusa and Karino is my guilty pleasure ship. The Ouran boys are too anorexic, I only like Hikaru and Kaoru. I am a Leo. My favourite type of anime is a rom-com shounen (aka Inuyasha) but I also like horror stuff if I’m too bored. I’m one of the few legit anime fans who haven’t watched Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, DBZ, Pokemon or AOT but know nearly all the main characters. Take that, QuoraBots!!