Episode 0 - Emmy and Lynn

What do you hate about anime?

I'm a big anime fan, so don't get me wrong on these points I'm going to make. Awful plots Some anime just have cringy characters, cringy resolutions or a bad storyline. Don't watch them. I hate fanservice. Right, so I'm watching some action anime and the characters are in this huge confrontation. This part is vital to understand the story.
There are two guys and one girl preparing for battle. As soon as they start fighting, the girl spins to dodge something.
OOPS! Her damn skirt flies up leaving us to gawk at her silly pink panties!!!! That had NO contributions to the story WHAT.
EVER! I'd understand if the genre is hentai or something pervy, but I don't watch pervy stuff!!! I don't mind the odd skirt flip here and there, it may be that the numbers of people watching the anime are going down, but don't put SO much fanservice in that you're not even focused on the plot anymore! OR maybe you could improve your crap plot so that men/women don't just watch the show for pleasure! I hate it where someone is fighting someone else wearing next to NOTHING! Like, if you're gonna fight THIS: Then why the HELL would you wear THIS?!: Why??? Do you want to get your chest shredded! And that skirt! It’ll be horrible at protecting her legs, and if she hurts her legs then she can't get away from whatever she's fighting quick enough if something unfortunate happens! But you know, she makes it out in the end with like, five scars.
-____- Boring, goody-goody types I don't mind the fact that your character's got a code of honesty or something like that but don't make them TOTALLY perfect!!! Real characters have flaws and most of the time they're obvious.
The only way to have your readers relate to your character is to make them flawed. Fillers Just no. Bad animation Also just no No diversity Unless it's set in a place with little diversity or something, you should expand on the races your story should include. You don't have to have diversity but it's better than having an all-American/Japanese/English/Black/Hispanic cast! That pretty much covers it all.