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Which are the best anime series for binge-watching?

By binging, I’m guessing you’re looking for a shorter, fast paced show. The easiest place to binge anything is on Netflix.
Netflix is constantly adding new anime, and a lot of stuff is really good.
Even their originals are high budgeted, mostly above average shows that satasfy.
They’ve even gone into making new stories on other series’ (such as Magi, with their original ‘Adventure of Sinbad’) Here’s a few shows on Netflix I’d reccomend binging: •Gurren Lagann Yea….
This show is probably one of my favourite shows ever on Netflix.
It’s only 27 episodes long, and can be absolutely crushed in a weekend.
It’s emotional, heart-wrenching, empowering and downright awesome.
Some of the best characters in Anime in my opinion, and I struggle to really find a bad character in the show (even Simon, who people sort of hate, I really liked watching develop) My Rating: 9.5/10 MAL Rating: 8.7/10 •Durarara I’m a MASSIVE fanboy of Baccano, a show the same writer as this (if you haven’t watched Baccano, you can totally binge that.
It’s 16 episodes of liquid gold.
Not on Netflix sadly I’d rate it a 9.9/10).
Durarara is an intriguing and whacky, fun, adrenaline filled ride that’s extremely entertaining.
You’ll never quite know who are friends and who wants to murder each other.
A *spoiler* lackluster ending ruined the series for some, but I still quite heavily enjoyed it, especially the beginning of season 2.
60 episodes total in this one, making it quite long for a binge, but it’s still doable with the awesome power of Netflix downloading. Also Shizuo x Izaya is the only Yaoi ship that I accept outside of Yaoi shows. My Rating: 8.3/10 MAL Ratings: First Season: 8.3/10 Second Season ‘Shou’: 8.1/10 Second Season ‘Ten’: 8.1/10 Second Season ‘Ketsu’: 8.2/10 •One Punch Man Simply comedic brilliance mixed with awesome action.
An absolute much watch on Netflix, without a doubt.
Only 13 episodes long (with season 2 in production!), this show will keep you laughing, and being constantly entertained, because of a man named Saitama.
Honestly, an exceptional main character, who can be percieved in many different ways, despite his simplicity.
Overall, whether you watch this for the comedy aspect or the fights, you won’t be disappointed. My Rating: 8.6/10 MAL Rating: 8.7/10 •FMAB (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Let’s just be real here: there’s no “top anime list” without this show on it.
It’s just THAT good.
It has literally everything great about anime, whether it’s awesome fights, drama, suspense, mystery, humor (sometimes), overarching romance, plot twists, heartbreak or just dark themes.
FMAB should be known as ANIME DONE RIGHT, and anyone who doesn’t agree at this point either hasn’t seen it or is trying really hard not to be a normie.
I expect you’ve seen this show, so I won’t speak too much more about it.
I’ll say that it’s just great It’s just… great. My Rating: 9.5/10 MAL Rating: 9.3/10 •Hero=Mask It’s really hard to talk about this show, since as of writing this it’s only been out for about a week.
However, I think it’s one of Netflix’s best original animes.
It’s a very suspenseful crime drama, which follows similar notes to another Netflix original, B: The Beginning.
I slightly prefer Hero=Mask though, because of its emotion.
I like both of Hero=Mask’s main characters quite a lot, and it really felt like they showed a lot of emotion and character during the series.
The tone of the story is quite gritty, making it seem like a live-action, James Bond-esk sort of story.
It’s also fast-paced, at only 15 episodes (so far). Since it just came out there’s almost no hype around it, but I thought I’d maybe give it a little light if you haven’t checked it out yet. My Rating: 8.1/10 MAL Rating: 6.6/10 •The Seven Deadly Sins Well this’ll be the last of me praising Netflix (even though that’s not what you even asked for hah), but this show is truly special as well.
Maybe it just seems like Fantasy shonen, and maybe you’re right to think that, but it’s so much more thanks to the absolutely flawless characterization.
Some of my all time favourite characters, similarly to Gurren Lagann, are from this show, and with it continuing as of me writing this (at 50 episodes so far) there’s no reason why anime fans SHOULDN’T watch it.
The fights are awesome, the emotional parts are awesome, and the setting is also awesome. Ban, Meliodas, Escanor, King and Estarossa are all characters that could be the best characters in most other shonens, even though their interactions with each other are some of their best parts.
Ban and Meliodas’s relationship is amazing.
King and Ban’s relationship is amazing.
(I’d go on but that’d be spoiling).
Overall this show can be taken at surface level as a cool action shonen, or as a masterful, heart-filled story. My Rating: 9.3/10 MAL Rating: 8.3/10 I hope this helps a little.
I know I’m only really talking about Netflix anime, but I truly think that’s how binging is easiest. Dueces;)