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What anime is considered to have the best Japanese animation?

Here are two anime with really good animation: A garden of words: This anime’s art is incredibly detailed and accurate as the settings are inspired by real locations.
The park in this anime is Shinjuku Garden, a real place in Japan and the animators ensured that every scene was accurate and correct to the park.
Another amazing thing about this anime is that they manage to animate rain without making everything look messy, the rain that they animated closely resembles the rain we see in the real world.
This is a must watch anime for just the animation alone. Erased: Some people may disagree with me on this, but, I found that Erased had some of the best animation that I have seen.
The 3D animation used in scenes when Satoru travels to the past with other scenes that are 2D, really helps to show when they are experiencing a ‘revival’ (Satoru goes back in time to prevent something bad from happening).
The background art is also really well done.
I would also recommend this anime, both for the art style and the story line.