Utakata Ayuri, a relatively unsuccessful singer-songwriter, uses the pleasure she feels during sex as inspiration for her music. Her manager, Haruyama Keita, "supports her" however he can. However, Ayuri is taking a long time to write her music, and the two of them argue, unable to understand each other's feelings. Keita thinks back on all the time he's spent with Ayuri and realizes that he really loves her.

Why do people like anime?

Anime is a whole new world for those who cherish great storylines with the right style of animation.
Anime leaves your eyes with awesome visuals which are impactful enough to last forever and plots worthy enough for rewatching. People (myself included) love anime for many reasons,some of which are listed down :- The animation is unique and imbibes with them the culture of Japan which is a great source for cultural exploration. Tell me,can we find these kind of visuals anywhere else? Plots and storylines are great and it makes your brain’s imaginative domain widened. Decent plot and storyline, eh?.
Do I need to say anymore? Music associated with anime ,be it openings or background scores adapt with the story and therefore paints the anime in a new colour. There are so many genres in anime which are not generally found in normal cartoonic animations.(no offence intended) Limited genre? I don’t think so. The voice over artists of anime are fabulous in conveying the right amount of emotions in the right direction. Another reason for its expanded popularity is that when anime was aired in the 20th century along with its cartoon counterparts ,it exhibited better quality of animation,plots,voice over acting and music which attracted majority towards it. Also in countries like India ,the early 2000s introduced some really good anime like Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Naruto, Beyblade which left a great impact on us as this kind of animation and storytelling was new and appealing for us. Animation of 1989?! That’s anime for you. Anime characters are well developed and have great personalities which makes us look upto them and learn some really valuable traits.They inspire us.
Stories too are well thought,which is a major point. Anime caters to every age group unlike normal animations which are mostly made for the “kiddy” generation and thus anime attracts larger population. Anime is a dreamland and the people who love it are its inhabitants with access to some really great stories which carries with them a rainbow of emotions and scenic beauty dazzling enough to leave you spellbound.
Do you need anything else ?