After Class Lesson Episode 3

What are some good slice of life type anime?

I’ve been reading manga since I was fourteen years old.
I was roped into it by a friend of mine who got me into Naruto.
I really enjoyed it, but was annoyed by the amount of times the plot sometimes seemed to just disappear and was ignored for a couple episodes in favor of a story that had nothing to do with the main plot with characters that would never show up again.
Soon enough I found out that such episodes were called filler episodes that the studio made when they caught up to the manga in order to stave off the story while the mange plows through.
Once I realized this, I decided to just read manga instead. First I read Naruto and other similar adventure manga such as Bleach, Fairy Tail and such.
Then as I grew older I gravitated to darker manga such as Death Note, Shamu (Highly recommended), and such.
As I kept on reading manga and grew up side by side with it, I found myself strangely drawn to stories which weren't really plot heavy and focused more on the day to day lives of characters i.e “Slice of life”.
It’s safe to say now that I exclusively read Slice of life manga, with an occasional genre change if the manga is really good. Here are some of my favorite Slice of Life: i) Horimiya Horimiya is fast becoming my favorite Slice of Life manga.
The story is quite simple, the female protagonist Kyouko Hori seems to lead a double life.
In school she is an all star student who is also very popular, but at home, since her parents are never home, she has to take care of the house hold as well as her little brother.
On the other hand, we have Izymi Miyamura, who, as you can see from the picture looks like a typical otaku.
But we soon find out that the reason he has long hair and a full blazer, even in summer, is due to that fact that he has many piercings and a tattoo along his back and left shoulder.
They discover each other’s secret and soon enough become fast friends. What I liked about this manga was the fact that the premise, which might’ve been cliche and overwrought in the hands of a lesser mangaka is masterfully done here.
The growth of our two protagonists, the blossoming of their relationships, as well as great handling of the minor or side characters makes this manga a great, warm and wholesome read.
I highly recommend it. ii) Mysterious Girlfriend X: This manga, this freaking manga, is deceptively amazing.
Of all the manga I’ve read, nay, of all the works of fiction that I have read, and believe me I have read quite a few, none have a premise as strange as this one.
Basically, once again we have two protagonists, a boy, Tsubaki, and a girl, Mikoto, the girl being a transfer student who is… suffice it to say quite weird.
She is completely anti social, deflecting any attempts from her class mates to be friends with her, and she seems to love sleeping during class breaks.
One day, our male protagonist, Tsubaki, goes back to his class a few minutes after school has ended because he forgot his bag, only to find Mikoto still asleep.
He goes to wake her up and notices her drool on the table.
For some strange reason he tastes her drool and stranger still seems to get hooked on it.
Soon enough they start going out. My summary has definitely not done justice to the manga, but please, trust me, this manga is one for the ages.
The story unfolds steadily, the artwork is beautiful, and the romance is tooth achingly sweet.
I went into this manga blind and five years later I’m still talking about it.
I’ll let that speak for its quality. iii) Machida Kun no Sekai: If romance is not a big hit with you, then I have some more Manga for you.
Machida Kun no Sekai is not a romance in the traditional sense, but it is still about love.
Mainly, it is about Machida, the prefect brother, son, and student’s love for people in general.
Machida doesn’t have a bitter, hateful bone in his body.
He is always helpful, but constantly puts himself down as a failure.
Read the manga and you’ll know why the people in Machida’s daily life love him so.
And you know what, I bet you’ll fall in love with him too.
This is the epitome of a wholesome manga.
It’s just good for the soul. iv) Sakamoto desu ga?: If Machida is the epitome of wholesome, Sakamoto is the epitome of cool.
He is the definition of perfection.
Not only is he intelligent, athletic, good looking, and not to mention, cool, he is also very kind.
I’m not trying to oversell him, but Sakamoto is quite inhuman in just how awesome he is.
Everybody loves him, even the people who first hate him.
I beg you to read this, and join the Church of Sakamoto. v) Fujiyama-San wa Shishunki: Okay, I seem to have a weakness for good romance.
This list must make it quite clear that I like romance manga that is cute, simple, and bereft of any unnecessary drama.
No manga quite encapsulates that like this one.
Once again we have two protagonists, a boy (Kanba) and a girl (Fujiyama).
Fujiyama is 5′11 and the best player in the school’s volleyball team, whereas Kanba is 5′3 and a childhood friend of Fujiyama.
A prank causes him to see Fujiyama half undressed, and he can’t seem to shake the image out of his mind.
So, he asks her out and thus begins one of the sweetest romantic Slice of life manga I have ever read. Despite my hodge podge of a summary the story is not about her being taller than him or anything sexual.
It is simply about young love.
A little idealistic sometimes but never not sweet. vi) Love Roma: Ugh.
This list has basically boiled down to mostly romance, but I’ll still stick with it.
I saved the best for last, anyway.
Love Roma is about as perfect a love story as I’ve ever read.
There is no drama, no unnecessary miscommunication, just the perfect relationship.
Now you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that that sounds far fetched.
I mean, most of us have grown up on soap operas or procedural dramas that have force fed us the formula that something must happen in the story to make it worthwhile, something juicy.
Hell, even Shakespeare is guilty of that.
But you know what, this manga shows that you can have a story with none of that.
It starts out with them in a relationship and then the entire manga is about them getting closer to understanding each other and falling more and more in love.
If you translate the name it means love romance so, I mean, what else can you expect amirite? So, there you go.
These are my favorite Slice of Life manga.
I repeat, my favorite.
I’m not saying they’re the best manga ever.
I’m just saying they made my life a little, hell, a lot brighter. P.S.
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