After Class Lesson Episode 2

What are some of the most annoying anime clichés?

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Thanks for the suggested edits, Sreegirisetty Mohneesh! That edgy guy who has a dark past. The most unrealistic and complicated hairstyles on Earth.
Yeah, I’m totally not thinking of Yuri right away.
(This one used to state something else, but I edited it.) Too much time taken on flashbacks rather than the present in an episode. A guy accidentally falls on top of a girl, and the girl gets pissed at him.
She may think he is a pervert. Along with #4, the boob fall, where the dude’s face lands in the middle of the girl’s breasts.
Double how pissed she gets. Heavy, heavy nosebleeds. Overemphasis on emotions. Bitchy tsundere girls who play hard-to-get until a late point. Hot springs galore. A school for everything, really, especially for magical purposes.
This is a fairly new one. Deceased parents of the main character. Indestructible villains.
(I’m looking at you, Team Rocket.) Filler episodes. A highly fluffy pair of boobs. Crappy love triangles. Male protagonsist has many possibilities for who to fall for, yet he chooses the bitch who eventually falls in love with him, too. Hot villain sidekick who always fails at kicking the heroes’ asses. No one is more powerful than the heroes. Cheesy speeches like things about the heroes being able to accomplish anything together. Girls in bikinis + sexualization = obvious fan service.
(Actually funny sometimes, but a cliche is a cliche.) The protagonist has a humongous love for food.
It’s more common for this character to be a male than it is for them to be a female. Whenever the hero is in a deeply emotional state, it rains and often pours.
(Even outside of anime, it’s overused.) Let’s say it's a fight scene.
The main protagonist and his or her friends are succeeding, but then a villain is defeating them.
They’re hopeless, right? Nope.
The main character magically remembers something and automatically thinks of a way to get back up, and then everyone in his or her side wins. An unneeded mark in a facial expression, like the sweat drop out of shock or anxiety and the little red mark that shows when anger is felt.
They’re unnecessary because, in example, for their cases, you already have a face of mortification to show shock, or the grouchiest face you can find out of anger. That one “important” confession which doesn’t ever succeed because someone or something interrupts. Running in too many anime intros, and then the main characters are standing at the end, commonly accompanied with the title.
This video below explains that.