After Class Lesson Episode 1

What anime did you watch in your childhood?

OMG Anime is literally my childhood! well excuse my exaggeration, but anime has a big part of my childhood, I always watched them during the weekend from morning to afternoon for years and I am going to the train of nostalgia and listed the anime that I have watched in the past (I am currently listening to these anime soundtrack by the way, how mellow of me) Inuyasha what can I say, he is my first boyfriend. Detective Conan I MEAN THAT SOUNDTRACK! “Walaupun sekarang aku terperangkap dalam tubuh kecil ku, namun aku akan tetap bangkit dan aku tidak akan pernah ragu, dan disaat mereka semua coba mengerti, yang aku tau, hanya satu jawaban yang pasti……..” no matter how many Japanese version has change, strangely the one that aired in Indonesia never changed their Opening soundtrack for years.
I was following Conan through Anime and Manga since elementary school to High school. Crush Gear Turbo Fighter I first watched it in Junior High school, I always remember this anime as a sad one because of Yuya Marino! the boys at my class always forced me to battle the crush gears, I don’t have one as I only interested on the story not the actual crush gear, but still though that memory playing it during the break time or where the teacher not around, were nice. Ninja Boy Rantaro Akhhh the cutie Rantaro, Kimimaro and Sinbe! I love this so much.
Too bad I haven’t watch the Live-action yet. Ragnarok the Animation Dr.Slump Arale This anime simply has the funniest opening ever.
At least when it dubbed in Indonesian.
the lyric : “Kenapa wajah mu begitu besar, banyak yang memanggil mu wajar besar, bahkan di foto wajahmu tidak terpotret semua karena wajah mu besar.
Apapun usaha mu, wajah besar, walau keras upaya mu, wajah besar, tidaaaaak” “Why your face is so big, many people calls you big face, even at the photo your face couldn’t fit the frame because your face is too big.
No matter what you do, big face, no matter how hard you work, big face, nooooooo” And for years I teased my older brother for having too big of head and face and sing this song hahahaha. Wedding Peach They are all so pretty and having such pretty dress are so cute.
although now I am wondering how in the world they could fight while wearing a wedding dress :/ Doraemon “La la la aku sayang sekali Doraemon” “Am am am tottemo daisuki, doraemon” Tamiya When I was a kid I really want to own one and I did not even mind for running alongside the tamiya, but alas it was hard to find it on my small town and when it became popular and the market full of it I no longer have the stamina nor a friend to play it with. Honey bee Hutch The protagonist Hutchi is always looking for her mom and added with it poignant soundtrack (about him looking and missing her mother by the way) When I was in the elementary school we always discussed where in the world Hachi’s mother was.
“ Hey have you watched the newest episode of Hatchi? did he finally find his mother?” has always been our weekly questions for a long time. Digimon I have always thought I will be the next chosen children and have my own digimon but it has been years…… Kickers Ahh for some reasons I really love foot ball anime despite the fact that I don’t really like the sport Kickers was my favorite.
It was about a football group name kickers who has known as loser for never win the game, until a new kid, Kakeru coming from pretigious football school and change everything.
The thing that I remember from Kakeru is that he is so incredbly kind as he able to lifted up the spirits of the team who never though they have a chance to win the ‘impossible’ match. Dragon Ball This one is a must watch anime and both me and my brothers really loved it. Crayon Shin-chan My family love shin-chan and will bought me the DVD even if I didn’t asked them to, maybe Shin-chan weirdness and his voice always amuse them.