As Mankind expands out into the galaxy, new colonies are created under the control of the Earth government. For the outer planets, however, space is governed by no law. Tina Owen has been sentenced to 2000 years in jail, with only one chance to redeem herself, by investigating the mysterious planet Omega 13.

I just watched Attack on Titan anime and it was wonderful. Is there any anime like this?

I am not sure whether you like Attack on Titan for its plot or its action ( for honestly I focus more on its plot about mankind's future so I prefer its Manga more). As some recommended PSYCHO-PASS (PP) is REALLY GOOD, I strongly recommend it to you.
If you ever heard of Dystopia then you will know.
Action is only a part of it.
PP actually explores human's freedom to choose their own life and other crucial parts of human nature in a world where your mental state is quantified as "psycho-pass"( sort of rating, like, if you got an A you are quite good at a subject; if you got over 130 or something you are considered a potential criminal)and where your life and career is determined by SYBILA according to the numbers. Ergo Proxy.
Right, another Dystopia work ( I had the feeling it's not very popular with the majority ).
This is of extremely high quality.
There's a city under a shield protected from perils of nature outside.
It's a dream destination for people living outside the shield, but almost impossible to get in.
Those immigrants into the shield are discriminated and monitored as well, each assigned an 'instructor' to help them accommodate.
What happened actually eluded me a bit, for I saw it about 3 years ago.
The ending is really moving, at least to me.
Explores human crave for freedom of love and human nature. TOKYO GHOUL.
Pretty much the same type as Attack on Titan, but the artwork is a lot better.
Ghoul is something that feed on human, yet like vampire they look perfectly human and are not afraid of the sun or garlic or holy water.
To defend themselves from Ghouls the humans established an assotiaion of trained police called "Ghoul Inspectors" (excuse my lousy translation, these people are just like vampire hunters in nature).
So problem comes when the hero was involved in some big consiracy and got transformed into a half human half ghoul thing and experienced love and affections among some nice Ghouls, who chose to feed on dead people instead of hunting at random in the streets.
A lot of fight and the growth of the hero is really a tragedy.
Basically it's about ehics.
It's just like, in WWII, Germans killed a lot of Judish people, of course Judish people hate them.
Consider a boy who had a German father and a Judish mother.
He was nurtured by his mother but when the war broke out was taken for safety by his father, who some how tried to hide is Judish descend.
Then he saw warmth among Germans and their fears.
So if my example make sense to you, then actually nobody is to blame but everything is just not right.
Quite a good one for me.
And Parasite(寄生獣) is actually similar in contents, but it's a manga published in 1990s.Recently animated, though. BLOOD, BLOOD-C.
These two series are put together simply because the heroine is of the same species, and their story is seperated.
Quite a lot of blood and fights, and another story about the fight between human-eating monsters and humans.
The character design of BLOOD-C is CLAMP so artwork of it is good, but BLOOD outshadows its plot. Recently there are really loads of Anime that resemble Attack on Titan but not really good.
Too many things in common and discuss shallow things.
But I had some other recommendations for you: GANSTA, STEINS;GATE, Monogatari Serious, Towa no Kuon, Code Geass, Code Geass 亡国的AKITO, World Trigger, GOD EATER, Dangan Ronppa, DRRR!!, BACCANO!, etc. I remember there's still many good works I've seen but their names eluded me. Hope I helped you.