Our protagonist, Majime Masato, is an extremely average and extremely lewd second year student at Ichisakura Academy. His reputation as a pervert precedes him. One day, he saves a black cat named Shami who gives him a magical "smartphone of love" as a gift. He levels up from being a lowly perverted student to being the most perverted student in the whole world! Ichisakura Academy ranks in the top three in the nation for average female bust size, so Majime has quite a selection to choose from!

What are some of the saddest anime movies?

(1) Grave of the Fireflies (2) Wolf Children (My all time favorite ) (3) A Silent Voice (4) Barefoot gen (absolutely horrific depiction of WW 2 ) (5) Colorful (6) Hal ( very good anime movie , if you are into romance genre then must watch ) (7) Your Name ( the movie that defined 2016 anime releases ) (8)The Wind Rises (9) The Garden of Words ( you know the anime has great visuals when it called The Garden of Words ) (10) From Poppy Hill Select any one of the first five if you feel like crying .
The rest are as good as gold .