Young orphan Rachel enters a convent when her mother dies and leaves her to fend for herself. When she grows up, she leaves the protection of the convent only to discover that the world is not kind. After being tortured by the convent nuns and becoming a sex slave for the Bishop, Rachel's only comfort is her best friend Beth and her "Prince Charming," Andrew. Alas, all that changes when her sadistic uncle recruits her as one of the "Love Dolls," a force of young women who make themselves sexually available to members of the royal family. Will Rachel ever find her own pleasure?

What are some good high school romance animes?

Don’t forget to follow me but to answer your question Some of the good high school romance animes that i have ever watched would be: Kaichou wa Maidsama was a good one to watch because it was about a teen boy who is handsome and rich trying to get the attention of a poor teen girl who gets good grades and tries hard but doesn’t really trust men that much, the story progresses and their love bloom: My Teen Romantic Comedy Snafu Too was a good show to watch because the ending is very dramatic while the start was clear, a boy who meets a smart, rich, isolated girl who avoids society while also chasing after her sister while having a cold heart who eventually ends up opening her heart, and another girl who is cheerful and has the opposite traits that the boy doesn’t have: Little Busters was one of the few 10 that i started watching that blew my mind away as being one of the top 3 that made me cry when i finished watching the whole series: Kokoro Connect was not a well known one but it was a show that i watched that actually made me cry: Tsukigakirei was probably the most realistic one of them all: The Irregular at Magic High School is hands down not suppose to be on this list because its mostly about action but what the heck its one of the best: Golden time is not well known but its something that i recommend: Amagmi SS is a show with many different routes all school and romance related i recommend this if your into multiple routes or options: H20: Footprints in the Sand was one of my favorites the ending is so dramatic but it was worth watching: Mashiro-Iro Symphony This show is so dramatic and yet the ending was so unexpected according to the story line: Koi no Senkyo to Chocolate was the best while also being a school base romance show its never exceeded the boundaries of unrealistic for a high school student: Fortune Arterial is about a Vampire school girl and a normal transfer boy who end up together even though maybe obstacles get in their way: The Da Capo series is probably one of the few series that i recommend watching if you want to watch shows that include a series: Seiren is similar to Amagami SS but it features different female characters but overall a good show to watch: