Young orphan Rachel enters a convent when her mother dies and leaves her to fend for herself. When she grows up, she leaves the protection of the convent only to discover that the world is not kind. After being tortured by the convent nuns and becoming a sex slave for the Bishop, Rachel's only comfort is her best friend Beth and her "Prince Charming," Andrew. Alas, all that changes when her sadistic uncle recruits her as one of the "Love Dolls," a force of young women who make themselves sexually available to members of the royal family. Will Rachel ever find her own pleasure?

What does the word anime mean?

VIDEO VERSION OF THE ANSWER “Anime is an informal or shortened way of saying animation, it’s pronounced “ah-knee-may”.
That’s the most authentic way of saying it, since anime is often tied with Japanese animation. When people say anime in Japan, it can refer to any type of animation, be it Western or Asian.
But in the West, when anime is mentioned, it has us only think about Japanese animation. Japanese animation has a unique look and you can generally tell straight away, if it’s an anime or not. Generally, Japanese animation are animated because their source material (manga) has reached a certain point of popularity.
Creators now have the funds to put it into a studio.
(not all anime are made like this). Producing an anime is a giant undertaking.
It can take from a Dozen, to Hundreds of people to pump a series out. It caters to all audiences regardless of age and has different types of genres.
Such as: Mecha Horror Action Adventure Comedy Romance and the list goes on. What is Manga?”… Read more: