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Out of all the anime that you’ve watched, who is the smartest anime character you’ve seen?

I'm gonna list off a few characters from some shows and you decide which one is the smartest.
“Smartness” is pretty subjective. L from Death Note Before I bore you with lesser known characters, let's get mainstream for a while. L, as you know, is the main rival of the show's protagonist, Light. L is the world's greatest detective, and not only that, he's also the second and third best detective.
That's because he actually fooled the public into thinking he was 3 different detectives. L pinned town Kira's location to a single region in Japan only a week after Light started using the notebook.
Keep in mind Kira could've been anywhere in the world. L was the first to have suspected Light as being Kira.
All he needed was definitive proof, but Light was smart enough to never mess up. Unfortunately, L dies before he ever proves Light is Kira, but his work was handed down to 2 successors, with 1 managing to prove Light as the culprit. Mavis from Fairy Tail Mavis is the Fairy Tail guild's first master and founder. She is known as Fairy Tactician for her flawless strategies during wars. Later in the series, during the Grand Magic Games, she formulates a strategy that pretty much ensures Fairy Tail's victory.
According to her, she ran hundreds of millions of battle simulations in her head. There's not much else that she does that is impressive like that, so let's move on. Sora and Shiro from No Game No Life Since they're inseparable, I've put them together. Sora and Shiro are two siblings (not blood related) that have been transported into another world after beating the god of games at chess. Shiro fluently speaks 18 languages and learned the new world's language in 15 minutes.
She has “photographic” memory and can accurately calculate complex trajectories and probabilities in her head.
She is a super-genius of the highest caliber. Her brother Sora, while not as gifted, is still considered a super-genius.
He learned the new world's language in 75 minutes.
His charisma and eloquence are off the charts.
He can accurately read his opponent and from there predict their next move(s). Shiro is mathematically inclined, while her brother is psychologically inclined.
They complement each other so well they're practically unbeatable together. Their goal is to rule the world, a world where games are everything.
They'll do just fine. Also, this show's opening is one of my favorites ever. Shinichi (Conan) from Detective Conan If you haven't seen the show, you're probably wondering if Shinichi is the one on the left or the one on the right.
Guess what? He's both of them! Shinichi was a highschool student who helped the police in solving cases, mostly ones involving murder. He's known for being obsessed with mystery novels and is a fanboy of Sherlock Holmes. After being nosy, he is captured by some mysterious organization members and forced to take an experimental pill that makes his body go back to his 7-year-old self. Because he survived the pill, he must hide his identity from the organization.
He takes the alias Conan Edogawa and lives with his best friend and her dad in the dad's private detective agency. Now he must juggle between living as an ordinary 7-year-old, solving cases given to the agency while not revealing his identity, and finding information about the mysterious organization. Since then, he's solved hundreds of cases across every media.
And he's so good at hiding his true identity, only a handful of people know his secret, including games and such. Hajime Kindaichi from Kindaichi Case Files This is one of my favorite characters. Hajime Kindaichi is the grandson of Kosuke Kindaichi.
Kosuke Kindaichi is the Japanese Sherlock Holmes, basically. Hajime is a high-schooler who helps the police solve mysteries, much like Conan up there. Here's something interesting: he's one of the few “genius" characters whose IQ is known.
His IQ was measured at a whopping 180.
He's one in 20 million.
Meaning there are only 300–400 people alive who can match or surpass his IQ. Even so, he does poorly in school, and he's only good at solving logic problems.
His personality is very carefree, but he gets extremely serious when solving a mystery. There's actually been a crossover game between Conan and Kindaichi.
In it, when they walk past each other for the first time, Conan feels an unnatural pressure coming from Kindaichi.
The pressure of a man who’s extremely observant at all times and let’s nothing get past him. At the end, Kindaichi is this close to figuring out Conan's true identity, but brushes it off, because the idea of a teenager turning into a child is absurd. Urumi Kanzaki from Great Teacher Onizuka This 14-year-old middle-schooler is one the greatest threats Onizuka, the protagonist, has ever faced. Much like Hajime, her IQ has also been mentioned.
She has an IQ of over 200! There are less than 100 people alive who can match or surpass her IQ. She literally drives teachers insane by making them think they're unfit for teaching by showing off her immense knowledge in a vast array of subjects.
This doesn't work for Onizuka, though, since he's… special. Kurisu Makise from Steins;Gate Even though she's only 18, she has already graduated from university at age 17. She has written papers on neurobiology and has been acclaimed in the scientific community. She has also written a paper about time travel, which is stolen by her father and is the catalyst towards a dystopian future. Honorable mentions: Lelouch from Code Geass Shikamaru from Naruto Light from Death Note Kintaro Oe from Golden Boy There ya go.
Which one do you think is the smartest?