Takeru, Mikoto and Sui are back and this time they are under the full control of a dark yoma specialist. As much as they struggle to escape they are forced to be a breeding ground for insect like demons.

Is piracy killing the anime industry?

Here’s a question: Where do you watch all your favorite anime’s? 9/10 people will say something like: Kissanime Or a site similar to it. Why is that? Because “piracy”, or better yet, “free” anime streaming sites have 100X more anime shows in their catalog than legal streaming services do. And the quality is usually 10X better as well (outside of Japan). Not only that, many streaming sites that are legal can’t even be played in some countries. Even in a place like the UK, a lot of “Funimation” content isn’t available. And many shows that may have sold much better, won’t.
Because most of it is free.
So yes, Piracy is hurting the industry.
But not “killing” the industry. On the other-hand, Piracy is probably the reason shows like Sword Art Online and Fairy Tail are so extremely popular. At least to a certain extent. It’s a double-edged sword.
But if it continues, there’s only so long the anime industry (on top of some of the poor conditions animators are in) can continue to put up with it. Related: What Can Save The Anime Industry From Dying?