Honjou Rumiko is a school teacher caught in a web of blackmail and deceit. She is caught by 2 Yakuza gang members and forced to have sex with them and their clients. Eventually they start recruiting her students and she is forced to break up with her fiance as her world turns upside-down.

What are some comedy anime shows?

There are tons, but Gintama is the best. Sure, people will mention things like One Punch Man, Nichijou, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Sket Dance, Konosuba etc.
but all of them lose to Gintama.
Seriously, it’s not even close - in almost every way I can think of, Gintama takes first place across the board. In my (very biased) personal opinion, you’ve got no business watching the others until you watch the masterpiece that is Gintama. That said, let’s look at why Gintama is so frickin’ awesome. Variety Unlike most other comedy animes, Gintama doesn’t confine itself to the genre set by its premise.
(mainly because it doesn’t really have one in the first place.) Mystery, superhero, fantasy, sci-fi, drama, romance, thriller, slice-of-life, historical drama - chances are that whatever genre you can think of, somewhere, somehow Gintama has incorporated it. The huge variety of environments keeps the humour fresh, which is why it’s been able to continue for so long.
I mean, just take a look: They made a funny scene with a courtroom-style fight, in honour of Ace Attorney Funny scene about something as mundane as getting a driving license: Funny scene about telling ghost stories How does a manga artist ask someone on a date? By drawing manga, of course! Even the epic scenes are funny No idea what this is They made legit funny scenes out of things as ridiculous as fighting for toilet paper I could go on, but there are literally too many scenes to list. Humour In terms of sheer comedic humour, Gintama takes the cake.
I have to hand it to the mangaka - he really knows his stuff.
Gintama inserts humour into almost every minute of the anime.
Each scene is an explosion of funny, and then at the end you realise all of it was a set-up for the ultimate joke of that scene, and the punchline makes you laugh so hard you can’t breathe. One of Gintama’s specialties is the running joke.
Now, running jokes aren’t exclusive to Gintama.
but Gintama does them so well! Running jokes in Gintama have a tendency to spiral completely out of control and take on a life of their own, and become the foundation for new jokes, which run their course and become the foundation for new jokes… joke-ception, if you will. One of the best running jokes in the series (IMO) ends with the punchline “Shogun ka yo??” or “It’s the Shogun!?” Couldn’t find any clips for that, but you can google for yourself.
(Or not, if you don’t want to be spoiled.) Quantity At present Gintama has aired over 300 episodes since its inception and is still going strong.
Really, the sheer amount of humour here is on a level no other comedy anime can hope to compare with. Boldness This is the one area I feel Gintama excels at the most.
Most anime, being written by Japanese for Japanese viewers, adhere to certain unwritten guidelines in order to not upset anybody. Gintama simply doesn’t give a shit.
Things that would normally be considered taboo in other comedy animes regularly feature in Gintama.
For example: This famous scene from Gintama would normally never be allowed on screen because of its vulgarity. They constantly devise new ways to troll their viewers Hell, they regularly make fun of other animes. They’ve written a whole pop song about ignoring broadcasting regulations: They get so many complaints, they parodied themselves apologising And again: List doesn’t end there, but that’s all I can find clips for, unfortunately. So to sum up: watch Gintama. Thanks for reading.