The spotlight is on Kisaragi Reina. Fulfilling her childhood dream, she makes her idol debut. However, she has lofty career aspirations, and her road to success is a difficult one. She is relatively unknown in the industry, and her days of relative obscurity and little work continue. She can't tell what separates her from her talent agency's more successful idols.

Which are some great film/tv series/cartoon/anime/video games soundtracks?

This is how you compile an awesome playlist...!!! Salamander's theme The Very, Very, Very Strongest Tsuna Awakes Dragon Force Kokuten Erza's theme Raising Fighting Spirit Senya Wind FMA brotherhood opening Madder Sky Girei L's Theme Light's theme Climbing up the world SAO Soundscape to Ardor Aruarian dance Impression Sadness and sorrow Rock The Dragon Lilium Air Gear SSJ3 Powerup Search For The Girl Invasion Mystline An ode to our childhood :P Johhny Quest Ninja Robots I can add movie OST's too. But I think I have done enough :P