In response to the scantily clad shrine maiden Nonoa's sudden disappearance, Yamato and Sera desperately search for her. They pilot an unconventional search and rescue aircraft, the dongcopter, that uses Yamato's spinning phallus in lieu of a propeller to provide lift and thrust.

How many people watch anime?

Crunchyroll has around 50M visitors a month as a guestimate.
But Similarweb (an online tool) claims they had 71M visitors last month. Kiss Anime on the other hand is said to have 162M visitors based on January 2018 (not surprising as it’s free and bigger than crunchyroll) Funimation has even less with 11M visitors in January 2018 And as stated in a different answer, Google says fans search anime related topics up to 10M - 100M times a month collectively. Another Quoran in their answer thinks there are 2–3 billion people who watch anime. This is completely absurd and ridiculous based on the facts above.
If that were true the anime industry would be SWIMMING IN MONEY. Based on the numbers above, there are barely even 100M fans if you was to combine both Kiss Anime, Crunchyroll, Funimation, and other sites together. And don’t forget: there aren’t even more than 100M fans worldwide who both watch anime or buy anime merchandise as a whole.
So 2–3 billion is outrageous. And let’s not forget: Crunchyroll’s 70M visitors (from January 2018) aren’t going to crunchyroll just to watch anime.
A portion of those visitors only go to crunchyroll for news, articles, content and blog posts. So the amount who actually watch anime is even less for Crunchyroll in particular. A safe bet for how many watch anime worldwide is probably around 20–30M at most.
Maybe a little less, and definitely not much more realistically (since even the numbers above aren’t guaranteed).

There are many platforms out there where you can find UI/UX designers.I have seen primarily four types of sites: Vetted talent sites.
The best example here is Toptal[1].
You find great UX/UI design talent -Toptal claims to accept only the top 3% of applicants into the platform-, and addi... (Continue Reading)