Toriko no Kusari: Shojo-tachi o Yogosu Midara na Kusabi

What are some really cool ways animals defend themselves?

There's a lot of bizarre creatures on this planet, most of which have developed some sort of defense mechanism that's equally unusual. I've compiled a list of what I think the top 12, wildest wild animal defense mechanisms are. EDIT: Please be patient with the GIFs if you're interested in them.
They may take a while to load.
If they take too long, please take the time to read it anyway! I'd like to think the article's still good without them. New video version! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 12.
Pygmy Sperm Whale I think this one is pretty self explanatory, but just in case the GIF isn't enough...
that's poop. This is why I developed the saying, "never invite a pygmy sperm whale to a pool party".
Deep, I know. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 11.
Stick Insect I think I may have a camouflage fettish because I'm getting obsessed with natural camouflage.
I mean look at this stick insect! If you can find him... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 10.
The Opossum Everybody knows about the opossum(NOT POSSUM, possums are from austrailia); but few people have seen it in action.
Check out how this strange marsupial reacts to an incoming canine! Believe it or not, this is an involuntary response.
The opossum enters a coma like state, oozes foul smelling liquid from it's anus, and can remain in this state for up to 4 hours! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 9.
Bombardier Beetle The bombardier beetle isn't your typical substance spraying beetle... When threatened, this bug initiates a noxious, hot, explosive chemical reaction it sprays at the enemy.
This reaction gets so hot, the bombardier beetle has to spray in rapid-fire bursts to avoid overheating.
Like a machine gun. Damn nature, you scary... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 8.
Malaysian Exploding Ants These guys were suicide bombing long before it was cool. When the Malaysian exploding ant gets irritated, often because of an intruding ant colony, the Malaysian exploding ant contracts it's abdomen so hard it ruptures it's own body, spraying corrosive goo all over the enemy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 7.
Sea Cucumber There are roughly 1,250 known sea cucumber species but only some some of them discharge sticky threads to ensnare their enemies, while others push guts out their butts!(above) This tricks predators into thinking the sea cucumber is already dead.
Let's be honest, would you eat a chicken with entrails hanging out it's backside? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6.
Boxer Crabs This boxer crab isn't sporting pom-poms...
those are actually sea anemones! The sea anemone gets a free ride and is constantly near food debris, while the boxer crab gets to dual wield tasers like the terminator. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5.
The Texas Horned Lizard When threatened, this lizard shoots blood from it's EYES.
By pressuring it's sinus cavities, blood vessels burst and the pressurized blood shoots blasts it's predator in the face. How this doesn't just whet the predator's appetite, I don't know.
Maybe the freak show factor is enough to scare them off. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4.
The Iberian Ribbed Newt This is an Iberian ribbed newt.
Pretty cute for an amphibian eh? Well they can also KILL...
a mouse. Those little white spikes you're looking at are the newts RIBS.
When threatened, this unusual amphibians push their own ribs through their skin.
These ribs come out coated with a poison that irritates humans and can kill a mouse.
Yikes! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3.
Flying SQUID That's right.
Flying squid are real.
Don't believe me? Check this out: Scientists Unravel Mystery of Flying Squid I didn't believe it either so I had to dig to the bottom of it.
Rumors of these animals have been around for a while, but they haven't been confirmed to be a real species until recently. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2.
Snake NOT! Believe it or not, this is a caterpillar.
The elephant hawk-moth caterpillar to be exact.
When threatened, it fills it's head with air, making itself look like a venomous snake! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.
Octopus I'll be honest, I'm unsure of the species of octopus here (if anyone can help me out please do!), but octopuses are amazing! Look how accurately this octopus matches the color and texture of it's surroundings. I'm convinced these things are alien fido... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hope you enjoyed the list! For more, visit Funk Meister Answers