Kareki Tsunetaka, a veteran home security officer with 20 years of experience, currently guards his father's estate and its three new residents. These residents are Katsuragi Shouko, the voluptuous widow who has remarried Tsunetaka's father, and the children from her previous marriage – Sayaka, the attractive, big-breasted older sister and Yuki, the well-developed younger sister with an attitude.

Who is the cutest anime character?

Prepare to be dazzled by cute, Moe, Kawaii characters: Serara She’s one of the “younger” characters in gaming anime: Log Horizon.
And it’s not an act.
She’s naturally cute because of her personality. - Latifah Florenza One of the main characters from: Amagi Brilliant Park, with a gentle voice and an and even gentler nature.
And a “soft” persona. - Kumin Tsuyuri Support character from: Chuunibyou! She’s so pure, gentle and Kawaii it’ll knock you out of your chair… - Nene Sakura One of he support roles from: New Game! She’s actually 18, but is smaller than she looks (compared to others) and couldn’t avoid being cute even if she tried. - Kanna Kumui A cute kid-like dragon from Miss Kobayashi’s Maid.
Who wants nothing more to be loved and appreciated.
While at the same time is actually exceptionally intelligent and smart. - Goemon A tiny girl with a lisp from the historical series: The Ambition Of Oda Nobuna. - Ram & Rom Taken from the anime: Hyperdimension Neptunia! Words aren’t necessary to describe their cuteness….
Just look! - Fubuki From: Kantai Collection. Just look at that shot! - Uiharu Kazari From: A Certain Scientific Railgun. Cute, smart, and very savvy with technology. - Tatsuya Kaname Madoka Kaname’s younger brother from: Madoka Magica! - Aruru The younger sister of Eruru from anime: The One Being Sung! Who’s fearless and courageous. - Adele Von Glanzreich The younger sister of the main characters from: The Royal Tutor! - Rihoko Amaha An independent and responsible young-main character from: Witch Blade. - Flora Klemm An orphan from the anime: Asterisk War.
With a gentle and playful persona. - Hina Kubota Best friend of Naru from: Barakamon! Who’s always crying, or cheerful and happy. - Madoka Kaname From: Madoka Magica. No explanation needed. - Anko Kitashirakawa The younger sister of Tamako Kitashirakawa from anime: Tamako Market! With similarities to Rihoko Amaha. - Elucia de Lute Ima A demon girl from the anime: The World God Only Knows.
Who’s absent minded but as pure as gold. - Sanae Kashimura Taken from the anime: Alice To Zouroku.
One of the “purest” anime characters around! - Izuku Midoriya (kid) Izuku Midoriya as a kid from anime: My Hero Academia.
Before his character is changed through his experiences. - Yui Hirasawa From anime: K-On! One of the most “original” cute, Kawaii characters…