It starts out as simple curiosity. She has a mediocre first experience with a classmate, her teacher awakens her to her desires, and eventually she "keeps" a rapist to satisfy her carnal desires.

Can you explain a few anime plots as badly as possible?

I am really bad at this but since it was asked I’ll make an effort. People forcing different beings into pit fights to gain popularity and government does not bat an eye! Death puts people into questionable traumatic violence that is not sure to put them to peace! A human born with powers due to inter-racial marriage and contracted disease due to his mother saves and kills the families on either side of his parents. A person with an eye disease initiates a massacre and plots to kill people at only to know his parents were jerk and ends up committing a suicide! An intelligent boy uses book of scary Gods to become one! A few smart guys try to beat him but the eventually the book brings him down! Fame is decided by the ability to play with beings trapped inside plastic screens. Fame is decided by the ability to play with beings trapped inside plastic screens featuring a shape shifter! A handicapped boy tries to make ends meet for his half-dead brother in absence of their parents.
They realize the world is too cruel to exist peacefully. A mass murderer and oppressor is shown its place by so called puny Humans. Devil is a Part Timer Ghost lives in fear of being contaminated by Human Touch! Hotarubi no Mori e A powerful human who has felt the power of *Oppai* with his hand kills all time hungry non vegetarians with the same! A sexy but innocent girl is forced upon a scared devil! Uselessly-Sexy Queen fells in love with a guy from another caste who was supposed to kill her. Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Poor god is threatened by his past and his careless adopted child. Cooks force people into pornography! A gang led by a horny old man fights crime with jokes and muscles! Humans from a different ethnicity are forced into poverty after other ethnic groups hire soldiers to kill them from the same race they hate! Dying girl fells in love with a dead boy through music! I hate myself for the last one! :|