Naoto is an ordinary guy who, after his mother's death and his father's remarriage, has two beautiful women enter his life–Sachiko, his stepmother, and Yui, his stepsister. However, as the days go by, Naoto begins to worry about Yui's emotional distance from him.

Are Manga and Anime common in India?

Well I came into college I thought I was the only weird one who used to watch Japanese cartoons(I didn’t know they were referred to as anime back then) in English.
But when I joined my college I got to know that there were others like me, and I got my first anime (Naruto) in Japanese which is a popular name in anime world which I had already started in English in my school days and then watching it opened a complete new world of excitement.
From that time I have seen over fifteen anime series, I still don’t read manga much cause I think that I can savor the series properly if I read it, so I prefer watching it, but that is just one guys opinion. Now after I have completed my college there is a complete facebook group of dedicated anime fans which has compiled different animes over hundred and serves as anime database where new fans can find the collections and share there passion and people are talking about opening club for college students who follow different anime and manga comics. What I have observed is that people are coming out of the shell and accepting their interest and finding like minded people surely helps a lot in the process. Recently there was a comicon in Bangalore,India where loads of people turned up, dressed as different anime characters. (Naruto’s universe meets Ash from ‘Pokemon’) (They had a stage which was used for presentations and book launches) (From one of my favourite anime series ‘Samurai Champloo’ – Mugen and Jin posing with a female character from ‘Bleach’) (Luffy from the insanely popular ‘One Piece’.
Sure, longer hands and huge eyes would have completed the look, but not a bad attempt.) (Photos taken from site: Though major fan base may be young but they are not less in number.