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What are some great anime drawings?

After two decades of fandom, I have not only come across many hundreds of breathtaking anime-style illustrations - I have also managed to find a small handful of artists whose art style was so memorable that I enjoy almost everything they produce. As such, note that the following three examples are actually more about artists rather than about individual artworks... Artist: Bekkankou His works are usually somewhere in the middle of the realism/unrealism scale - but they always show a bold use of color, and they have a certain clarity, a crispness to them, giving the impression that each stroke is as sharp, deliberate and well-placed as a katana cut...
while also conveying a great deal of emotion. (more Bekkankou art) Artist: Coffee Kizoku His style is a lot more subdued and down-to-earth than the others in this list, which also shows in his preference for everyday motifs rather than outlandish scenes.
I'd even say that, despite the cuteness involved, there is a certain physicality to his works, somehow giving you the impression that whatever you are seeing has just enough substance that it might actually have happened someplace. (more Coffee Kizoku art) Artist: Tinkle And now for the precise opposite of realism...
Tinkle's creations are always explosions of heady color and intricate patterns, full of dizzying flourishes and impossible detail.
At the same time, there is an almost ethereal quality to the overall mood, not to mention a striking fragility of the characters themselves - which almost makes them seem like dolls shaped from the finest glass and porcelain. (more Tinkle art) There's many more, of course.
Carnelian for example, whose artworks always have something decidedly lavish and dramatic about them.
Or Kantoku, who is one of only a handful of artists who consistently manage to produce a non-somnolent form of moe art.
Or even "Old Masters" like CLAMP, who once outpaced the entire industry with their incredible, insanely baroquely detailed creations...
and so on.