Based on the erotic game by Bishop.

What kind of anime do you like best?

I have a weakness for "VN fairy tale romances" like Kanon 2006 or Sola.
Or moélodrama as I like to call them.
The only time a show of this genre didn't do too well with me was Fortune Arterial for pretending to have a much grander story than it presented.
I guess this explains part of the appeal for moélodrama.
They're very straightforward in their simplicity despite their semi-serious nature and rarely attempt grandiose shenanigans. The lack of fanservice is one of its strengths as well.
Now, I'm actually indifferent to sexual exploitation at worst.
However, the lack of any panty shots or the like in moélodrama is a directional move I appreciate considering how the show could guarantee an audience otherwise.
Showing off a character's attractiveness isn't needed to draw in viewers; the design itself usually does that. Rounding off what makes a moélodrama a moélodrama would be how they really do resemble fairy tales.
Their narratives present a meal of ideals on a plate of reality with a side dish of problems.
Even if things don't work out the way you'd hope there are always little reminders about what you still have.
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