Harry and his friends attempt to infiltrate a luxury cruise ship to rescue Ai. However, a trap had been laid and they are captured. Helplessly, they are forced to watch as Ai, under the influence of a strong aphrodisiac, is gang-raped before a crowd of spectators.

Who is the strongest character in the whole anime World?

Probably the guys from the anime that throws literal universes at their opponents.
If you asked me this question two months ago, I probably would have laughed and said Goku.
But I was told wrong and found out that there are guys lots stronger than even Dragon Ball Supers All-Chan, that erases universes. I’d like it if you meet my five buddies, let's get started shall we? Lambdadelta from Umineko Lambdadelta is the Witch of Certainty.
Meaning, she has the absolute ability to manipulate probability as long as it isn’t an absolute certainty orimpossibility. With this ability, she could manipulate probabilities as infinitesimal as virtual zero, or probabilities that are nigh-absolute on scales that make infinite multiverses appear as mere books. With this ability alone, the probability of her overcoming Zeno is very likely, as in it is certain she will win. Lambdadelta has a varied power-set.
But it is safe to say that with Conceptual Manipulation, Reality Warping, Causality Manipulation, Time-Space Manipulation on the metaphysical scale and Plot Manipulation, she is nigh-omnipotent. 2.
Bernkastel from Umineko Bernkastel is the Witch of Miracles.
She has the absolute ability to manipulate miracles, the polar opposite of Lambdadelta’s certainty manipulation.
This potent witch is not somebody you’d want to mess with, she and Lambdadelta shrugged off simultaneous big-bangs and big-rips during one of their Godly quarrels. Other than Miracle Manipulation, she also has Reality Warping, Causality Manipulation, Plot Manipulation, Time-Space Manipulation on the metaphysical scale and Conceptual Manipulation. It is safe to say that she is definitely nigh-omnipotent and stronger than Zeno-sama. On a side note, it is stated that the concepts of life and death themselves have no hold on Bernkastel. 3.
The Chousin from Tenchi Muyo! Formally known as the Chousin (Japanese for Supergods, a fitting title), they are a trio of hyper-dimensional deities responsible for the creation of the multiverse and all of the higher dimensions of existence. They are essentially Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient with their only weakness being that a supreme being exist that is above even them. 4.
Ajimu Najimi from Medaka Box Najimi Ajimu is the founder of Hakoniwa Academy, and possesses the neat ability known as complete arsenal.
With a staggering 12,858,051,967,633,865 official skills in total, even if one of her powers strong enough to defeat Zeno-sama was 1/1,000,000,000, she’d still have roughly 12,858,051 abilities able to destroy Zeno-sama. 5.
Lord Of Nightmares from Slayers The Lord Of Nightmares (L-Sama) is the supreme deity of the anime called Slayers. She is the creator and is fully transcendent of The Sea of Chaos, which is a realm infinitely greater than and beyond the staves, each stave havinginfinite parallel universes.
The ability to manipulate death and realityare just one of the all-powerful powers she can perform in a whim. It is safe to say that this nigh-omnipotent is more than capable of reducing Zeno-sama to nothingness. All in all, if it requires nigh-omnipotents to take down Zeno-sama then he’s far from a pushover. Meet Simon one of the most powerful anime character ever … He created a colossal universal mecha And can create an multiversal labirynthe with ease and destroy it he has control over physics , probability ,matter , energy, reality , has infinite amount of power, is omnipotent , omniscient and has the power of evolution that means that he can never lose