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What are the top ten insanely powerful anime characters?

This list isn’t necessarily the most powerful, but the most powerful in raw strength and fighting power.
This characters with extreme hacks but no real superhuman power are not included.
I will also only include one character per series and no teams.
There also may be some characters who are only in manga or video games or who may be part in manga and part in anime form. 1-Ajimu najimi, Medaka Box Abnormal As she states she has quintillions of skills.
She is also completely OP, being able to reverse causality, omnipresence, reality warping, omniscience, plot manipulation, time manipulation, the ability to transcend dimensions, death manipulation, probability manipulation, death manipulation (she is over 240 times the age of the universe), and quadrillions of other powers. Demonbane, Demonbane A nigh-omnipotent mecha god who challenges the elder gods themselves, possessing strength capable of destroying multi-verses with ease and having the ability to change his size to any scale at will. 3-Goku, Dragon ball franchise While it is true that Goku is not the most powerful in his franchise, I will choose him to basically represent his franchise.
After all, he is one of the most popular and influential characters in all of anime/manga as well as well beyond about 99.99% of anime characters in terms of power, with only a small group of gods above him in his own franchise.
You could also include non-canon Xenoverse Goku, who is well beyond Omni-King Zeno and all other Super characters, being able to beat characters who can destroy all of reality and the infinite timelines easily.
Super Goku (back to canon) is well beyond universal and likely multiversal in destructive ability.
He also has many feats suggesting he is a low 5th dimensional character, such as being able to shake the infinite space of “The World Of Void”, being able to punch through Hit’s time-leaps (time manipulation) , etc. Lain, Serial Experiments lain Many people claim Lain is omnipotent, but there are no hard facts or statements to back that up.
She is, however, extremely overpowered and has many divine abilities such as: The ability to warp reality, the ability to reset time, and the ability to exist everywhere at once (omnipresence).
I would imagine these powers could be utilized effectively in a fight scenario. Saitama, One Punch Man Saitama has demonstrated the ability to destroy a star-buster with his serious punch attack.
Highballing Saitama it could be said that he could be a solar-system destroyer.
Saitama also has unlimited potential, and considering the fact that he still trains he could foreseeably become more powerful. Dark Schneider, Bastard!!! Dark Schneider is the most powerful magician in the Bastard!!! story.
he is able to wield elements, wield fire over 1 million degrees celsius, he can only be killed if his body, spirit, and soul are all killed at once, can petrify his enemies, can resurrect himself, can create beings from his mind, nullify attacks and power, freeze objects to absolute zero (where all atomic movement ceases), along with many more OP powers.
In his Majin Dark Schneider (above) form he has the souls of six demon kings in him and multiplies most his powers and his attack potency by 1 million fold. Ichigo Kurosaki, Bleach -based on character statements from the we can gather that Ichigo is likely planetary+ to multi planetary in power. Naruto, Naruto franchise Naruto characters have been shown to be able to destroy the moon, so it would be rational to place Naruto on small planet to planet level in power.
He also has a host of strategic attacks he can use in battle as well. Alucard, Hellsing, Hellsing Ultimate Alucard is not nearly as powerful as many of the characters on this list, destructive wise, but it is almost impossible to kill him.
he also has the power of Omnipresence, regenerating within a short amount of time and several other notable powers.