Based on the manga by Itoyoko.

Who's your favorite anime protagonist?

Lelouch Vi Brittania from Code Geass series. Does he even require an introduction ? Unrivalled brain, unconditional love and a charisma second compared to none. The guy who single handedly created and led a resistance against a power which at its peak controlled more than half of the world and brought it to it's knees. The guy who adored his little sister to an extent that he went on a quest to change the order of the world for her so she could live her life in peace as she always desired. The guy who implored the value of love so much that he made himself the centre of all the hatred and vanished from the face of the utopian world he crafted with his brilliance, taking all the hatred away with him. A flawless leader.
A master strategist.
A true saviour. Lelouch is all of it.