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Which anime characters can outsmart Light Yagami?

Many of the obvious candidates have already been mentioned so I’ll just discuss some that do not get quite the same attention: Akiyama from Liar Game. The manga is all about complex mind games in which players must think very fast on their feet, know how to deceive others on the fly, be able to both improvise and plan ahead on top of keeping up with an increasingly smart group of opponents. Akiyama aces all these problems, with grace, wit and occasional humor.
Unlike Light, Akiyama is entirely without hubris- and is without a doubt a good guy even though he does not express his kindess too much- so he would not let pride over his intelligence ever cloud him over. They are also a very good comparison since both are trying to overturn what they see as the world’s corrupt ways. Another strong contentor would be Mikage from Shoujo Kakumei Utena.
Mikage is the epitome of the boy genius, a trope that is very dear to anime, but in his case it is done very well.
In a world without Akio or Anthy (assuming Mikage, as such, existed), he would give Light more than just a run for his money, he would probably have him sobbing in the elevator of doom. It has been mentioned before but Orihara Izaya from Durarara!! would have a field trip with Light.
Unlike the above mentioned characters who would tackle Light only if he came their way, Izaya would make sure he messed up Light’s life even if there were no Death Notes involved. In fact, Light pre-Death Note would already be a wonderful specimen for Izaya to dissect.
Light has a plan and all things led up to its fruition but Izaya plays it very fast and loose and is entirely capable of remaking his plots on the spot.
He also has an history with handling- and not being too impressed- by death Gods. Akiyama and Mikage might beat Light but they would not revel in doing so.
Izaya, however, would giggle manically after destroying everything Light ever cared for.
And to Izaya, it would a Wednesday. And let us not forget the highly underrated, Makishima from Psycho-Pass.
He should probably have been mentioned first as he is probably the perfect match for someone like Light. Makishima, like Light, is concerned with crime and justice.
He is a psychopath of the highly functional kind who sees throuh society’s hypcrisy and decided to do something about it.
He thinks ahead and is nothing short of brilliant. Makishima can also get inspire absolute devotion on those who follow his ideals.
If Makishima and Light existed in the same universe they would inevitably come into direct conflict as Makishima is the ultimate intelligent criminal, which is precisely the kind of person Light would need to defeat.