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Which are the most overrated and underrated animes?

I'm going to try and keep my critiques brief on the overrated anime, purely because some of the fandom can get...well, intense, as in any anime fandom. Overrated: Bleach I actually followed this anime for longer than I think I should have.
Like almost all of the anime that I'm about to list as being "overrated," it follows this incredibly obnoxious cycle where the main character (in this case, Ichigo) seems to be on a never ending quest to defeat the villain and then there's always a new round of henchmen there for the villain to throw out each season.
The same thing always happens - Ichigo gets his butt kicked, then he discovers some new power after training to become more powerful, gets his butt kicked again by Aizen, and it gets really boring, really fast.
Not to mention, there's just too many characters.
Besides the "main" side characters, nobody else really develops and, in reality, the side characters never really develop.
If they do, their development is rather shallow and superficial at best.
In spite of wasting a ridiculous amount of air time on episodes, nothing really happens and the viewer can basically predict what's about to happen. InuYasha Like Bleach, InuYasha is thrown into the same rut that every long-running anime finds itself in.
He's the same as Ichigo - this cycle of almost getting Naraku, but then Naraku runs away.
I will admit that I followed InuYasha much longer than I did Bleach - I think it was for about 125 episodes-ish, shortly after the Mt.
Hakurei season, but then I just couldn't do it anymore.
Besides that whole thing, the Kagome/InuYasha/Kikyo thing was really making me want to bash my face into the screen.
Just...stop it.
You spent the whole series doing this, why are you still letting Kikyo be an issue after over 100 episodes? Let it lie.
Also, having read Ranma 1/2, it really irked me that the mangaka had recycled her own characters for InuYasha.
Kouga was Ryouga, Ranma was InuYasha, Akane was Kagome...Sadly, I don't think most people who watched InuYasha were aware of that.
Ranma 1/2 didn't seem to have the same type of fame. Fruits Basket (Furuba) This all over the place.
Even from the beginning, I had no idea what was going on.
The good thing about Bleach was that I could actually keep track of at least like, 20 of the characters in that show.
Fruits Basket looks at that, scoffs, and challenges the viewer to try and keep track of even five of the characters.
When everyone is popping in and out, turning into animals, and there's a huge mixture of men and's really hard to track.
My biggest beef with it, however, is that even though Furuba is supposed to be shoujo and arguably a harem shoujo, it kind of makes a mess of it.
I don't usually mind episodic anime - actually, it's what I usually watch - but this one was unbearably because of how chaotic it was.
For shoujo, that's not really common.
Coming from someone who reads/watches a lot of it, there's usually a definitive plot line and in Furuba, there's nothing like that.
I'm still not even sure what this anime is even about, yet it's hugely popular for some reason. Naruto Again, like Bleach and InuYasha, this anime went on for way longer than it should have.
But actually, I had a bigger problem with the characters than anything else.
I thought that Naruto did a better job at Naruto's development power-wise, possibly because, well, he was practically a child at the beginning of the anime, so it felt more realistic.
It felt more like The Last Airbender and more appropriately placed.
My biggest issue is how overrated some of the characters were, particularly Sasuke and Sakura.
I don't think I've seen more shallow "supporting" characters in an anime.
(That's probably not true - if I think about it.) They could have done a much better job at them, especially Sakura.
Most shounen fandoms have unnecessary hate for the female characters, but I think this one was at least somewhat well-founded.
Sakura's probably the only one who never developed in this anime. Ouran Highschool Host Club Don't get me wrong, I love this shoujo...but it's definitely overrated.
Haruhi is a pretty bland protagonist and Tamaki is oblivious to a fault.
The minor characters are what really give the anime it's flavor, but considering the anime comes out with Haruhi and Tamaki as being the obvious couple, it's a little frustrating to have most of the energy put into the other characters.
I know that some of those in the fandom find that to be its charm, but in the overall picture, it makes it good for a first watch/read through and then loses its appeal. Underrated: Occult Academy I'm not usually into paranormal/magic-based anime, so I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this.
Besides having beautiful art, the characters lead you down a rough and bumpy ride with a bumbling, time-travelling agent, chupacabras, after-life experiences and, yes, aliens.
Maya is an amazing lead female protagonist and even though she has her own set of emotional baggage, she manages to take hold of whatever situation she finds herself in - with or without the help of her partner, who is supposed to be the real expert.
Her interactions with Bunmei are perhaps the most humorous and you really have to question how the guy isn't black and blue with how many beatings he takes from her. Besides the strange bits of comedy, the overall plot line is immersive and surprisingly detailed.
In spite of it being thirteen episodes, a lot happens in the space of the show and any assumptions and expectations you have at the beginning are swiftly blown away by the end of the series.
There's a heavy emphasis on family and friendship that, while in most anime feels cliche, hits home more times than expected.
I'll admit that I shed a tear once or twice in this anime in sympathy for the characters. Psycho Pass I think Psycho Pass gets overshadowed by Death Note, unfortunately.
It's set in a futuristic time where criminals are determined and monitored by their "psycho pass," which is essentially their stress levels.
It's a unique take on the human future and how technology can both limit and enhance and the human experience.
The characters are incredibly complex and each of them, even the side characters, have a fleshed out story that connects with how they are characterized and fit into the story. I can't say much without ruining the plot, but it's definitely worth watching.
It's fairly short and by the second half, the show got super dark and I had more than a few moments where I was tearing up.
Rather than take you down the logic route like Death Note does, Psycho Pass forces you to question some moral, philosophical societal constructs.
It doesn't get nearly enough attention. Genshiken By far the most underrated anime/manga out there.
It's also pretty short and focused on the life of the "average" otaku club in college.
Genshiken drives into the otaku culture and the struggles they go through in normal crowds - and around normal people like Saki, the main female character.
The characters each fit into some otaku role and while it seems that porn video games and doujinshi is going to be the focus of the otaku obsession, they beginning to talk of the "spirit" of cosplay, the fine details of model making, and other such things.
It's a hilarious roller coaster and by the end the anime leaves you with a bittersweet feeling, longing for the first days of Genshiken and their crazy (sometimes pyromaniac) antics. Princess Jellyfish (Kuragehime) Even though this is one of those anime that have some of the best characters, there is a surprisingly small amount of people who know about it.
The characters are beautifully done and it is perhaps because they are so wild and out of the ordinary that so much thought it put into them.
Kuranosuke, a cross-dressing, wealthy boy, runs into the dangerously introverted Tsukimi, and then their lives are set onto an incredibly strange path.
The supporting characters are just as odd as the protagonists and just as enjoyable.
There's a great deal of conflict, but the plot is straight forward and the anime is able to combine comedy with drama, romance, and even a little bit of angst. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun I would say that this anime is the underrated version of OHSHC, just without a harem.
Nozaki's hilarious antics in order to get ideas for his shoujo is almost unbearable, even to Chiyo, who confesses to him in the first episode and only receives an autograph.
His obliviousness combined with Mikorin's embarrassed behavior, makes for a perfect recipe for crazy situations with the supporting minor characters.
Each of the characters are passionate, dramatic, and always seem to fall into some unfortunate situation.
There's not a low moment in this anime and not a moment where you're not laughing at the characters' misfortune.