The story is set in an old Western-style hospital where Takumi was confined after he was in an accident. Since then Takumi has experienced an odd condition where he can see the "deep voices" of the past events bound in different parts of the hospital. He seems to be able to also slip into other people's consciousness while being asleep. Together with Amano Aki, a journalist, he wants to investigate about the mysterious past of the hospital.

What is the best anime series/movie to watch with someone who has never seen one?

For a person who is new to anime , pacing of an anime matter a lot. A fast paced anime for him will be better than a slow paced one. So my suggestion is-: DEATH NOTE There is no better anime for a newbie than Death Note.
Condition -: you are of 19 or above age.(17–18 is also fine) It have 2 of the most loved characters in anime history and I am pretty sure you will like atleast one of them. I am not gonna what is it, just watch it.
If you want read synopsis.
I am pretty sure you will not get disappointed. If you are below 17 or want to chill while watching anime.Go for ONE PUNCH MAN For me it is the only alternative for death note if you are new.
There are better anime present out there but they will have a slow pacing or maybe very long for you to sit and watch. One Punch Man is one anime which every kid will love and every adult will turn kids while watching it. It is proper a proper mix of comedy, action,seinen( anime for grown ups), super powers, superheroes,etc. Don’t listen to people if they say watch Naruto,one piece, hunter x hunter,fairy tale,etc.
These are very long. Don’t listen to people who will say Full Metal brotherhood, Monster, Steins Gate,etc.
These have a slow pacing. All these are legendary anime but most of new people will run away from anime if they try these first