A school doctor comes in possession of a sexual hypnotic spray that inhibits girls to succumb to sexual desires. One after another, high school girls fall prey to the school doctor's sex schemes turning them into sex slaves.

What anime really needs and deserves a next season?

They might make a deathnote season 2 on popular demand.
Forget that. I want a continuation of the Beyblade: Metal Saga. Yes, that one with Ginka, Kyoya, Ryuga, Kenta, Masamune, Madoka, Yu, Tsubasa, Pheonix, Yuki, Chris, and many more cool badass characters. Sure, it was pure fantasy with a lot of cringeworthy yelling. But, it was a really great story.
Lots of turns, and twists, Very few plotholes, and a whole bunch of Badass characters like Ryuga.
Just who doesn't want to see more of him? Another reason I like it is, it has a really great story, that involves no and I mean, No romance.
At all. Many other stories have a subplot of romance, and in the end, some character is taken hostage and the main person goes to save him or her due to love and all that BS. This one, however, is about friendship.
Not about romantic love, it is about friendship, and love for your family, defending your honour, and such things.
It uses these emotions as really great tools in the story. Hey Ram.
We understand you like it.
Can you just get to the part where you theorize about the next season you want, and leave the greatness of this anime for another answer. Okay.
Fine wait. But, one big question is always persisting.
What happened to The Dragon Emperor? It wasn't implied that he died.
Nor that he had lived. There were hints that he survived.
Like the fact that the next Dragon Emperor had gotten his bey from a legendary bladed like Zero.
And the silhouette of Ryuga appears at that time in Shogun Steel. Perhaps they can make one season set in between Metal Fury, and Shogun Steel, and explain how each of the character went to where he or she is.
Like, we see Kenta as the owner of B-Pit, with Hikaru, and Mr Hagane, we see Kyoya as the owner of a company, we see that Beylin Temple and Beylin Fist have made Peace, we see that Ryuto and Sora are budding out.
How did they get there? They could explore that.
It would be a really nice way to conclude the stories of our original heroes, and let a new era take over. However, this anime needs another season.
Shogun Steel ended with a shot teasing the next World Championship.
That also needs to be concluded. Someone please contact Nevada productions about this. RIP Out.