Based on an original work of Maruta.

Is the web series "RWBY" considered an anime?

I am not one to start flame wars over such controversial topics, but I would like to weigh in my line of thinking as to how to define RWBY’s genre.
To me, RWBY is most definitely an anime, regardless of where it was made, what language it is dubbed in, or who created it.
Yes, this is a huge disagreement to the ones that have answered that it is not an anime but I think some out of the box logical thinking could help solidify my case. Picture this analogy/illustration: some types of food are often debated about whether they are really Mexican food or not.
For example, Taco Bell and Chipotle are technically Mexican food, although Taco Bell is a pretty bad form of Mexican food if you as me, but yet many hispanics will say “No it is not Mexican food” because it’s not prepared correctly, not made in Mexico, does not use Mexican recipes, is manufactured (except Chipotle, which uses organic ingredients), etc.
Perhaps all of those things are true, but nonetheless it is still Mexican food because of the style of food and how it is similar to other types of Mexican food.
Perhaps it is a sense of pride in their culture and their efforts to defend anything that may undermine the quality of “true” Mexican food that drives their thinking. Likewise, anime elitists, weeaboos, otakus, and Japanese culture enthusiasts simply don’t like when others try to make “imitations” of what they like and thus lash back by saying that RWBY is not anime in order to preserve Japanese culture demonstrated in anime, but in any case, RWBY is still anime due to it’s style being influenced somewhat, if not heavily, by traditional anime.
Saying that RWBY is not anime because it wasn’t made in Japan is like saying a dish isn’t Mexican food simply because it wasn’t made in Mexico or was not made by a Mexican.
As for the argument that the Japanese culture will be lost in foreign anime for labeling it as such, the word anime will always remind us that such style of animation originated in Japan, and therefore, the culture shall remain preserved.