Based on an original work of Maruta.

Is Bleach a good anime? Why?

I watched Bleach about 10 years ago. Was it good? And here I sigh. I liked the first Arc.
I have to admit that I hadn’t seen through Aizen.
I had been taken aback when I discovered that he was, in fact, the villain. After that Arc, I was treated to something so traumatic that I have never fully recovered.
I had heard of filler episodes, having grown up on Dragon Ball Z and Saint Seiya. But I had never before conceived of a filler season. And it wasn’t short either.
I don’t know why I made myself watch the Bount Arc.
Maybe I thought it would get better.
Maybe I wasn’t sure whether I’d miss something important.
This damn thing took more than 50 episodes! The Arracar arc was really good, I thought. But I don’t think I’m not sure could sit through Bleach again. If you want to watch it, I advise you to follow this guide.
It will tell you which episodes/seasons to skip: I think I stopped watching some time after that Arc.
Apparently, there was more stuff with more filler episodes and seasons.
Maybe if I’d had that guide, I could have watched all the way through. I should mention that the antithesis of this anime was Basilisk.
There were only 10 episodes or so, and every single one of them was action-packed.