Based on the adult game by Pita Fetish!

What is the weirdest anime you've ever watched (and enjoyed)?

Hmm..the weirdest anime..I have enjoyed..happens to be the picture above me! This anime is called Sket Dance! It is not only weird but it was really funny so it was very fun to watch and enjoy.
So this anime is basically about three people who come together to make this glorious club called Sket Dan.
This club is designed to help out fellow students who need a problem to be solved or just hang out there for fun(lol).
So to sum up the weird but funny main characters- Bossun/Yusuke Fujisaki- The boss or the leader of Sket dan.
Also the main character.
What he does in the group? Put on goggles and concentrates to solve a mystery(lol!) Next! Himeko/Hime Onizuka- The fighter of Sket Dan.
Comedically likes a weird lollipop brand with flavors like for ex.Octopus, fish.
What she does in the group? Fights the antagonists with her hockey stick(lol).
And last but not least…Switch/Kazuyoshi Usui- The genius and personal info center of Sket Dan.
He never speaks always using programming the computer to say what he wants to say(lol!).
What does he do in the group? Has all the personal info of everyone in the school and usually opens the info for problems(stalker alert!) But anyways guys, this anime maybe really weird but it takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions.
Everything up there was true but there are more emotionally challenging parts in the anime.
If you like weird but sad animes with a happy ending this one is for you.
And for those comments in the parentheses are just for fun; no offense to the anime intended.
Well I hope you want to watch it! Bye! Picture Courtesy: From the Sket Dance anime!