Based on the erotic manga by Doumou.

Which anime made you otaku?

First you should need to know the meaning of otaku You can google for it You can search in Wikipedia for deep knowledge of the word and it's history Otaku means for heart fan of manga and anime in a simple language otaku hates Justin Bieber beacuse he hates anime If you want to become a otaku you should have to this points what I have done to become a otaku Complete watching all dragon Ball, dragon Ball z, dragon Ball GT, dragon Ball super continuing Watch other complete series of fairy tail, bleach,death note, Tokyo ghoul,ao no exorcist, sword art online, and many more etc You have read manga from right to left at or other sites you should have to complete the fairy tail manga and bleach manga Stop watching cartoons beacuse you hates them or you will start to hates them after completing only first two points given above Install Pinterest and select anime board and anime topic in it Stay updated with your favourite anime at and also have search for other anime at the site To be a true otaku you have to be a fan of more than one anime like me I am fan of fairy tail, dragon Ball super, bleach, Naruto,ao no exorcist, sword art online,hajamate no gal,yu yu hakasho, Tokyo ghoul, death note, food war ,and many more You can be a otaku if you think that you have watch Pokemon ,beblade, Digimon,yokai watch like kids anime for many years you should have to watch Yuri anime, action & blood anime, mature or adult anime Otaku are also fond of bikes, electronic gadgets,foods and drinks I have watch whole anime series more than 10 times even if also consists of more than hundreds episode and never feel bored Try to collect anime Merchandise Start hating gay Justin Bieber Try to remember to important dates like Goku day, otaku day, anime and manga expo wich are celebrated in Japan as national holidays Try to play and collect anime games like dragon Ball xenoverse and xenoverse 2 there are many more games Try to be polite and friendly to others who are new to otaku culture , be best friends to expirensed otaku, have your humble respect to old or highly most experienced otaku who have been otaku for many years .
try to exchange of konwledge with other otaku You should stop watching porn videos this is also a benefit of being otaku you only have more interested in anime then porn videos Most important which makes you different from a fan and otaku is ,a anime fan may feel shy to tell anyone that he likes anime but a otaku never feel shy or fear of telling anyone or everyone that he loves anime Not so important but if it is possible for you to try cosplay then you should try it If you live in other countries then you should have a dream to visit Japan and Japan akibhara station and to eat the food wich is shown in your favourite anime.
(In case of you are vegan then it's your personal issues)