Yuki was responsible for tutoring 3 college kids. Ryo, Ri and Koji were regular college students, going to parties, playing their video games. But the studying suddenly began... These kids tie Yuki with ropes and shut her mouth with a ball gag. Yuki, who was to tutor these young kids, were forced to unwillingly give her freedom up as they peered deeper and deeper within here! In addition, these kids who were so eager to "study" and brought out their own "toys" and started teasing her body. Then next came their own... Yuki violently resisted as her face flushed a bright red. However, her body mercilessly falls under control of these kids her body discovers these new pleasures.

What is the best anime game?

I would say Kingdom Hearts.
The game in itself has a really interesting story.
Plus, it has lots of Final Fantasy characters in it.
The soundtracks are, in my opinion, really good and calming. The story: A young guy named Sora lives on Destiny Island, with his friends Riku and Kairi.
They choose to live the island, because they want to discover the world.
They start building a raft to accomplish their quest. However, during the night before the departure, a huge tempet occurs.
Sora decides to leave his home to take a look at the raft.
He begins facing Heartless, creature unable to get hit unless you master magic, OR, if you are the master of the keyblade.
Sora happens to be the master of the Keyblade, and discovers that power during the tempest night.
He eliminates quite all of them, and loses sight on Kairi.
His friend, Riku, chooses to enter the darkness to hopefully, leave the island, which got destroyed, it's world with it.
Sora arrives in a town he never heard of, woken up by Pluto. During the destruction of the island, the King of Disney Castle disappeared while leaving a letter announcing “the problem of the destruction of stars, representing the world”.
Donald and Goofy so decided to look for the King, and hopefully save the stars ー which happen to be worlds. You can find the game essentially on PS3/PS4.
The original games are available for PS2, but, i wish you good luck to find them. However, i am sorry about my poor English, I've been learning it for 5 years only.
Hope my comment will be useful :)