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Are humans animals?

Of course we are animals.
I find it very strange that this question is still floating around.
First of all, we are mammals - warm blooded and we give birth to our young alive, not from eggs. We also belong to a very select group of animals called “higher primates”.
The animals that we are closest to our Chimpanzees, Gorillas and Bonobos.
Without a doubt, the closest animal to us is the Bonobo.
Very similar to Chimpanzees, just not as violent.
Unlike Chimps, Bonobo groups are run by the females. I fully understand that it is important for many people’s ego to feel that humans are unique with our “higher intelligence” and morals, etc.
However, what is very revealing is that you can clearly see the rudimentary traces of higher intellect, compassion, problem solving, etc.
in the great apes. Go to YouTube and watch clips of Kanzi and his son, two of the brightest bonobos in captivity.
Watch Kanzi use fire, solve puzzles and play Pac man.
Their kinship with us is easy to see.